Apple iPhone 3G Hands On Video Review FoneArena Exclusive

We were lucky to grab an iphone 3g at an Apple Store and for all you folks out in parts of the world where the phone has not come yet — this is what the phone looks like .. enjoy FoneArena’s Exclusive Live Hands On Video Review

more videos below

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Skyfire Hands-on The PC Web on the mobile

I have been hearing a lot about Skyfire , finally I got to see a demo of the app on Mike Rowehl’s Samsung Black Jack.

I was impressed with the page loading speeds and ability to see video streaming within the browser

Also they have a feature called Smart Fit which lets you the webpage fit inside your screen.

You can zoom in on parts of the page .

The home page and search page have tabs on them and it looks uber cool Continue reading “Skyfire Hands-on The PC Web on the mobile”

The Incredible Hulk – Mobile Game

The wait is finally over. One of the leading comic characters, The Incredible Hulk, has finally arrived on your mobile handsets.

Hands-On Mobile, Inc., the world’s leading developer of connected games and applications, and Marvel Entertainment, Inc., announced the availability of a mobile game and personalization content around the big-screen adaptation of The Incredible Hulk. The game and content are currently available on select carriers worldwide.This coincides with the release of the movie with the same title.

In the mobile game, players take on the role of the titular super hero and hurl cars at enemies, scale cityscapes, dodge precision missiles, and battle The Abomination. In addition to featuring fully interactive and destructible environments, The Incredible Hulk re-creates scenes from the movies which players can smash through. Continue reading “The Incredible Hulk — Mobile Game”

3G iPhone is official available from July 11

the For all of you who have been longing to get an iPhone .. Its Honey in your ears.

You can get a 3G iPhone with improved battery life and 3G connectivity for just $199 which is around Rs.8600

New Features

  • New iPhone 2.0 firmware
  • Relatively thinner Edges
  • GPS (Assisted)
  • 3G
  • Headphone Jack
  • Full plastic Panel
  • International Availability – will be available this year in India I Guess
  • Safari Mobile Kicks the butt of Nokia and Palm and Opera browsers
  • 10 hrs of 2G talktime ( Apple – I luv u) -5 hrs on 3G – 24 hours of Audio ( good bye ipod ! ) Continue reading “3G iPhone is official available from July 11”

Skyfire gets funding Opera and iPhone get some competition

All of you might know about Opera Mobile and Opera Mini which is one the most popular mobile browsers. Apple iPhone with its Safari browser is the best mobile browser I have ever come accross

We have covered a lot about mobile browsers in the past even about Skyfire

The cool thing about SkyFire is that it address the short comings of other mobile browsers like the WebKit based ones – Symbian S60, iPhone and Opera, Mobile IE etc.

The biggest problem with mobile browsing is the inability to match the look and content order with the PC.

Most mobile users complain of having to scroll too much or are not satisfied with finding stuff on a small screen. Continue reading “Skyfire gets funding Opera and iPhone get some competition”