MeeHive Personalized News on iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

I have been playing with the MeeHive iPhone App for over a week now and im should say I that its a simple app which makes news consumption on your iphone very easy.

In the following Review of the Meehive app which is a Free Personalized News App for the iPhone/iPod Touch I would highlight the interesting features of this app.

Meehive Home Screen

This is the screen you would see once you have filled your interests.

Interests is nothing but topics you are interested in . ex:iPhone , Nokia , India etc.

the Homescreen gives you access to all the hot news based on your areas of interest and you can read the full article on the corresponding website without having to leave the app. See the FoneArena Nokia handset leak below

It renders the webpages using the full power of Safari so that you can have a great mobile news reading experience.

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