HTC Hero Unboxing Pictures and Video

The folks over at Android Community have managed to get their hands on the HTC Hero Android Phone which features the HTC Sense Technology . It’s also the first android phone to support Adobe Flash out of the box ! The Hero is runs the cupcake 1.5 version of the Android OS but it’s got a customized UI.


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Google G0 Android Concept Phone

The Google G0 Android Phone is a concept created by designer Tryi-Yeh. The design is very exclusive and sexy. The phone is a touchscreen phone with it’s screen dominating the full front of the device. The device isn’t flat and is in the shape on an arc. The rear side of the device has some good patterns that give better grip on the device and also an interesting Google logo. The device appears to be built mostly out of glass and metal. Continue reading “Google G0 Android Concept Phone”

Sony Ericsson Rachael and Kiki Rumours!

Yesterday, two new upcoming phones of Sony Ericsson were leaked. One codenamed Rachael and the other codenamed Kiki.

Sony Ericsson Rachael

It is the first Android device by Sony Ericsson and is a part of the XPERIA series. It is expected to be announced later this year. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Rachael and Kiki Rumours!”

Get HTC Hero SenseUI Interface on T-Mobile G1

Well just recently HTC announced their Hero phone which has a unique SenseUI. The HTC Hero is the only handset at present featuring the HTC SenseUI. But some folks have managed to get the UI running on a Android phone such as the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1. All you have to do is reflash your phone with the SuperHERO ROM. The ROM actually has a part of the HTC Hero’s firmware and the main thing is that Multi-Touch gets added.

Don’t you love the weather widget below ? Isn’t it a bit like Windows Mobile ?

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HTC Hero Android Phone

Here is another phone by HTC called the Hero which runs on the Google Android platform. HTC Hero is the first phone to embody HTC Sense™ – an intuitive, seamless experience built upon three fundamental principles – make it mine, stay close, and discover the unexpected.  The Hero was part of 2009 HTC Handset lineup Continue reading “HTC Hero Android Phone”

HTC Magic Launched in India , Android based phones finally come to India

HTC Magic will soon be available in India. We just heard from HTC and they are launching it in New Delhi today. For those wanting Android phones. The wait might be finally over. The phone might not be Google branded and might be locked to Airtel or Vodafone. Continue reading “HTC Magic Launched in India , Android based phones finally come to India”

HTC Android Phones are coming soon to India

Seeing the loads of comments of our unlocked HTC G1 in action in India , I must say that a small fraction of users are using Google Android based phones in India. But its sad that its not officially available in India even after months after the global launch

There are 2 phones the g1 and the magic aka g2 which have been launched worldwide, but not in India Continue reading “HTC Android Phones are coming soon to India”

Google ION Unboxing Pictures and Observations

You just read about Google giving away free android phones to developers.

We thought it was the HTC Magic but then looks like Google has branded the handset as ION to mark the occasion – Google I/O

Folks from AndroidandMe have posted some great unboxing pictures of the phone.

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Google gives away Free HTC Magic Android Phones to Developers at I/O Event

If you are a Android Developer , you should have made it to Google’s Annual I/O Cconference at San Francisco.

Google is reportedly giving away free android phones to the developers attending the event .

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AT&T Getting Its First Android Phone

Engadget is breaking all sorts of since yesterday.This one is pertaining to AT&T finally getting an Android based device.

Based on the slide we’re looking at here, features include your basic set of smartphone abilities including an MP3 player, fixed focus 3 mega-pixel camera, bluetooth, video playback, and GPS. Continue reading “AT&T Getting Its First Android Phone”

Soon Sony Ericsson to Launch Android 2.0 Phones


Sometime back, Sony Ericsson’s CEO said that they will be launching phones with Android capabilities but it may take some time. And the time has come, reports reveal that, Ericsson is about to launch its android based phone and also added that it will continue producing Symbian and Windows Mobile based phones. Continue reading “Soon Sony Ericsson to Launch Android 2.0 Phones”

Download Google Android OS 1.5 Cupcake Now ! Tested and Working !

Some great news from Android users and especially G1 users .. You can now manually update your G1 with the latest firmware update and get a whole bunch of new features on your existing google phone

See the wonderful onscreen keyboard inside the browser .. love to use the phone without opening the slide-out keypad

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Access Yahoo Flawlessly on Mobile with Yahoo Mobile App !

The Yahoo Mobile App was initially announced in the World Mobile Congress (WMC) this year and was later made available publicly. The mobile app is available for almost all the mobile OS – Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone.

Basically, the application is available in 2 versions i.e. one based on mobile web whereas the other one is meant for smart phone which is said to be more powerful supporting widgets and some other advanced functionality. Though, we are yet to touch them out personally, but the Yahoo mobile app has got many great reviews.

yahoo-mobile-for-smartphones yahoo-mobile-for-iphone

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HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled

HTC Magic is the successor the first Google Phone. Its a sleeker version of the G1 sans keyboard.

The second Google Android smart phone was unveiled at Barcelona this week jointly by HTC and Vodafone

Its the first touchscreen only android phone . yes its getting closer to the apple iphone .

Its got a great 3.2 inch 320×480 pixel touchscreen display .

It will feature the cupcake version of the android software and will have an onscreen keybord

Well all of you are curious when will the Google Phone a.k.a HTC G1 [specs] would arrive in India.

But the 2nd version of the G1 might come soon to India as the Magic is exclusive to Vodafone for now. Continue reading “HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled”

HTC 2009 Handset line up gets Leaked !

If you are HTC fan or a Windows Mobile , PDA user or if you are waiting for the next Android phone from HTC who made the G1 Google Phone then some good news for you all !

Like the Nokia Internal Roadmap leaked earlier now HTC’s entire 2009 Handset line up has leaked ..

The new HTC handsets include the Touch HD Pro which succeeds the HTC Touch HD,Iolite and Iolite II.

The Android phone – HTC hero, the Tungsten for T-Mobile and the HTC Jasper for Sprint. AT&T will get the Topaz and the Barium.

The last one, the pink, HTC Hero seems to run Android. Nice to see more Android devices in the making.

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