T-Mobile second half roadmap leaked !

Folks over at AndroidSPIN got their hands on the unofficial T-Mobile roadmap, which shows a lot of new device making their way to T-Mobile. Well, not to much details on it because the picture is blurry. We can clearly see that T-Mobile is planning to launch 5 new Android devices, 2 from Motorola , 2 from HTC, and one from LG.

The roadmap also shows one unknown Blackberry device and HTC Schubert, which is probably a Windows Phone 7 device. You can also see two unnamed Samsung and LG devices, I think the LG one is probably a Windows Phone 7 we saw a few months ago.The roadmap also shows that T-Mobile is planning to roll out updates for their current line of Android devices in upcoming months, which will probably contain the next version of Android built.