WSJ: Amazon Android tablet coming out in October

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers in the world and they are offering a lot of good stuff on their store. They are also offering their very own products like the Amazon Kindle which is their best selling product. Last year in September, we reported that Amazon will launch their first ever Android tablet this year. And in May, we told you that the tablet has entered production and it’s coming out later this summer. Now it looks like the tablet is getting near to launch as Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon Android tablet is due in October, which means that Amazon might be announcing it by the end of September. WSJ is also reporting that Amazon is planning to launch two new versions of Kindle and one will feature a touchscreen display and the other will be a better and cheap version of current Kindle, and they will come in black and white variety.

Amazon tablet will feature a 9-Inch touchscreen display but the tablet wouldn’t feature any camera. Amazon is launching this tablet to challenge the Tablet King, which is known as the Apple iPad. The device will feature movie, music, book and app stores. So folks, it would be hitting shelves in October, so anyone planning to get one from Amazon or already happy with your iPad?