Zync Quad 10.1 Tablet Review


The world of budget Android tablets has been set ablaze by the likes of Zync and Spice who are constantly innovating and bringing high performance products at very affordable price points. Sure these devices still can’t compete with the iPads of the world but that is not the target audience. Delivering 90% of the experience at a fraction of the price point is what they aim to do and are quite successful at.  That said, we recently got our hands on the newly announced Zync Quad 10.1 Tablet. The name alone suggests some of the highlighted spec points. We’ve put it through our standard range of rigorous tests to find out if it makes for a sound purchase. Read on to find out. Continue reading “Zync Quad 10.1 Tablet Review”

Zync Pad Quad 9.7 Review


Budget tablet are a dime and a dozen these days so when the Zync Quad Pad showed up at our doorstep, we weren’t expecting it to be much different from the competition. However our impressions changed quite a bit over the course of our review period. Good or bad ? Read on to find out! Continue reading “Zync Pad Quad 9.7 Review”

Zync to launch new quad-core Android Tablets by February-end

Zync has announced that they plan to launch five new dual-core and quad-core tablets in sub-Rs.15,000 price range by the end of this month. These tablets would have 7-inch, 8-inch, 9.7-inch and 10.1-inch displays, respectively. Zync launched the Z-990 running Androrid 4.0 back in March 2012, which was India’s first Tablet to run on Android 4.0. Since then they have been launching several tablets, with the latest being the Z99, a budget Android tablet with 2G voice calling support. Continue reading “Zync to launch new quad-core Android Tablets by February-end”

Zync Z999+ Review

Low cost tablets are becoming common by the day with almost every brand catering to the budget segment. Most tablet offerings in this range come with specs which are fairly consistent across the board. The Zync Z999+ spices things up a bit by offering inbuilt 3G data capabilities.

Will this be enough to justify the significant premium demanded over the competitors like the Micromax Funbook ? Read on to find out ! Continue reading “Zync Z999+ Review”

Zync Z-909 plus launched at Rs. 3,699

Zync recently announced its low cost tablet, the Z-909 plus. Coming in at just around Rs. 3700, it is one of the cheapest tablets in the market right now. The 7″ tablet is powered by a 1Ghz processor coupled with 256MB of RAM. Unfortunately the WVGA touchscreen is resistive in nature. WiFi connectivity is present and a 0.3 MP camera can be found up front.

Continue reading “Zync Z-909 plus launched at Rs. 3,699”

Gallery : Zync Z-999 3G Android Tablet

We recently got a chance to play around with yet another newly launched low-cost Android tablet called the Zync Z-999. Here’s a quick gallery showing you all the main features of the tablet along with our quick impressions.

Continue reading “Gallery : Zync Z-999 3G Android Tablet”