LINE introduces Keep – Personal storage for both PC and smartphone


LINE has just updated its Android application to version 5.3.0 and one of the main new features is called “Keep”. Keepis basically a personal storage feature that users can use to save text, images and other content on LINE.

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Whatsapp is now blocking Telegram links – Effective after a silent update


Like most rivalries in the technological world, Whatsapp’s main rival is probably Telegram, which many arguably state is the more advanced IM client. Telegram is always quick to roll out features and describes itself as a safer option for users. Whatsapp also seems to understand that Telegram is serious about what they do and now, Telegram links are being blocked on Whatsapp.

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Telegram rolls out supergroups, admins and other features


Telegram is probably one of the most advanced IM platforms out there and many people consider it to be better than Whatsapp even though the latter has a larger user database.

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Nimbuzz adds a Twitter Client. Gets a Refreshing UI

Nimbuzz With Twitter (14)

Nimbuzz, one of my favourite Chat application has released a new Symbian Client which now includes Twitter as well. This update makes Nimbuzz one of the most comprehensive Social Networking application that we have ever seen on Symbian Platform. Along with VoIP calls, Instant Messaging and file sharing with almost all the popular social networks like Google Talk, Skype, MSN Messenger, AIM, Facebook Chat etc plus presence, profiles and location, the client now has Twitter as well. Continue reading “Nimbuzz adds a Twitter Client. Gets a Refreshing UI”

Download Skype for Symbian Beta

Most of us would have used Skype on the Desktop either for chatting or for Client calls or just talking to your family when you are away.

You can now use it from your Symbian phone without having to logon to your desktop. (Skype via Fring/ Nimbuzz has been around for quite sometime. This is official and supports Skype out calls too)

Skype have announced a beta version of their Symbian application today and it has a lot of features and comes close to the desktop version.


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Download Nimbuzz for your Android Phone Now

nimbuzz_androidPopular Mobile Chat and VoIP provider Nimbuzz has added one more offering to its list of mobile IM applications. You can now download Nimbuzz for your Android Phone.

Unique for Android users, Nimbuzz introduces a revolutionary buddy list layout, Skype IM, a time-sensitive user interface, home-screen notifications, auto-reconnect, clickable URLs, and local social network support to make Nimbuzz the most sophisticated IM application for Android handsets.

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Download Nimbuzz for Nokia 5800

Nimbuzz recently launched a S60V5 edition of their messenger application to support 5800 and the upcoming N97. For the uninitiated people, Nimbuzz is an IM / VoIP application that supports Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, GoogleTalk, Facebook, MySpace, Jabber etc. The appearance and UI of this application looks a lot similar to the the Fring Application but feature wise, this application has more features as compared to Fring. However like Fring, Nimbuzz Application is also completely free to download and use.

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3 Free Chat Applications for Nokia 5800

Though there are a lot of mobile applications for chat, only few currently support Nokia 5800. Therefore I thought, why not make a list of applications which supports Nokia 5800 and also supports multi IM networks.

Here is a list of 3 such applications which has 5800 support and also caters to all the prominent IM Networks like GTalk, Skype, Yahoo, MSN etc.

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