LINE introduces Keep – Personal storage for both PC and smartphone


LINE has just updated its Android application to version 5.3.0 and one of the main new features is called “Keep”. Keepis basically a personal storage feature that users can use to save text, images and other content on LINE.

Apart from the usual texts, image and voice message that users receive on LINE, they can also add memos and images stored on their device to Keep. Using Keep also makes it much faster to find information and will allow you to save space on your smartphone that would otherwise have been taken up by voice messages and images.

Keep storage makes sure that your privacy is protected and no one can see what content you have stored on it. If you delete a chat that has been backed up on Keep, you can still retrieve it later as it wont be deleted from Keep unless you wish to do that separately. Another advantage is that users will be able to retain the same data on Keep on their new device as well as long as the transfer the account correctly. Users can store upto 1GB of content for an unlimited duration however single files that are over 50MB in size will be retained for upto 30 days. Since Keep is also available on PC, users can seamlessly get content from their smartphone to their PC or vice versa without much hassle as well.

The update is already available for download on the Play Store. While the feature has come out only on Android as of now, it should be making its way to iOS as well pretty soon.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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