MAXX Mobiles Launches Gaming Oriented MAXX GLO MX388

MAXX Mobiles, one of India’s largest homegrown mobile phone companies, today announced the launch of a new gaming phone , MAXX GLO MX388. Priced at  Rs. 2361 MAXX GLO MX388 comes with a free 2 GB memory card and is JAVA and Bluetooth enabled. The multimedia features include MP3 playback and an FM Radio. MAXX GLO MX388 is packed with games across categories like action, racing, puzzles, adventure, fighting, shooting and sporting. Preloaded games include Super Mario, Pacman, Race, Trojan, Battle City, etc.

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Review : How Good is Gaming On the XPERIA Play?

xperia play gaming

The highly anticipated Xperia Play – otherwise known as the mythical ‘PlayStation Phone’ – is finally with us, and despite Sony Ericsson’s insistence that it should be judged as a smartphone first and foremost, we’re willing to bet that the gadget-hungry general public are more interested in how it holds up as a mobile gaming platform.

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Micromax G4 with Gamolution – mobile gaming device

You might seen a few advertisements during the IPL matches for the Micromax G4.  They have launched the Micromax G4 with mobile gaming in India. They have coined phrase Gamolution which means Gaming Evolution

What’s cool about the handset is that it can act as a  Wii like wireless motion controller for PC Games

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Nexus One vs iPhone 3GS 3D Performance Comparison

The folks at a game development company Distinctive Developments have posted a cool video comparison of the Nexus One and iPhone 3GS.  In the video they compare the 3D performance (GPU -Graphics Processing Unit) of the two phones. They render the same game scenes on both the phones and test the frame rate and graphics. As you can see in the image below, the 3GS is doing 60 frames per second and the Nexus One is doing 31 frames per second.

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Get your free game by joining N-Gage Gamers Gang

N-Gage  was Nokia’s first gaming phone , then came the N-Gage QD

N-Gage is now a gaming platform, which is now available on a fast growing range of smart phones like N82 , N81, N85

Now Nokia india is running a promo for N-gage games , so get yours FREE now ..

Nokia N-Gage

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Nokia’s SNAP to simplify online gaming on mobiles


Nokia simplifies creation of online gaming communities for Java(TM) technology games

Nokia’s SNAP Mobile offers a full-featured turnkey solution that builds on the social aspects of mobile gaming
San Jose, CA, USA – Nokia, the leader in mobile communications, announced today the launch of a business solution that enables operators and publishers to create online communities for mobile Java games in days, rather than months. Operators who choose SNAP Mobile’s Starter Kit or Standard Package can have their users hosted on the SNAP Mobile Community, a full-featured, generic website, which creates an online gaming community almost instantly.
SNAP Mobile offers a full-featured, turnkey gaming community infrastructure that connects mobile gamers via Nokia’s SNAP Mobile gaming platform. Building on the inherent social aspects of mobile phones, these communities can be accessed by gamers’ PC web browsers and internet-enabled phones.
“Mobile technology was born out of the fact that people are social by nature and demand the ability to communicate outside of their offices and family rooms,” said Lisa Waits, Head of Nokia SNAP Mobile.? “We asked why shouldn’t mobile gaming offer the same and we’re answering with our plug and play community solution for operators and publishers that will deliver a seamless, social experience for gamers.”
Nokia’s SNAP Mobile online communities give mobile gamers the ability to communicate in-game with friends, strangers and co-workers all the time, anytime, and deliver a variety of in- and out-of-game features. In-game, players will have their own unique user identities, as well as features such as friend lists, presence, rankings, chat and instant messaging. Out-of-game, users will not only have the ability to maintain their unique user identities and view rankings, but will also have at their disposal news and events, message boards, and featured gamepages.
In addition to being a win for mobile gamers, SNAP Mobile provides operators and publishers with a highly effective, low-cost way opportunity to increase online usage and downloadable game sales.
“At the heart of our commitment to offering online communities was the requirement that this offering be easy to implement,” continued Waits. “We want to bring long-term solutions and easy to use technology to a broad base of players in the mobile content market. The result is happy operators and publishers as well as ecstatic, connected gamers.”
Nokia’s SNAP Mobile is the ideal hosted solution for operators who want to create a gaming community site quickly, with no configuration hassles or up-front costs. Operators choosing SNAP Mobile’s Premium Package provides a community website that can be fully customized to suit the operator’s needs. A generic version is also available for more rapid deployment.
For more information on the Nokia’s SNAP Mobile online communities, please visit

Nokia debuts new mobile gaming solutions and experiences at GDC Mobile


Nokia debuts new mobile gaming solutions and experiences at GDC Mobile

First look at new developer tools and consumer interface for next generation mobile gaming platform
San Jose, CA, USA – Nokia today unveiled a new software development kit (SDK) and consumer interface for its next generation mobile gaming platform. The new tools and consumer interface are designed to empower the mobile games industry to create high quality 3D mobile games for Nokia smartphones.
“Our new SDK contains familiar tools for developers, making it easy to focus on doing what they do best – creating great mobile games,” said Gregg Sauter, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. “Our platform lets developers put their games in millions of pockets worldwide and these new tools ensure developers can get on board to take advantage of this fantastic business opportunity.”
Nokia also showcased its next generation mobile gaming consumer interface, showing how consumers can easily discover, purchase, play, manage and share the best mobile games.
“With our new consumer interface, you get quick access to new games and information, it’s easy to buy and manage your games, and share game accomplishments with your friends. You can play fantastic looking games for a great overall entertainment experience in your pocket. This new consumer interface is going to transform the way people find and play mobile games,” continued Sauter.
The new developer tools include Game Development Libraries, based on C++ programming libraries, which will be available across multiple devices. The Game Development Libraries can be updated on the devices for resolving compatibility issues, and adding new features, including industry standard DRM solutions for content protection with minimal integration. Developers can also take advantage of the real-time connected gaming and community features enabled by the N-Gage Arena.
Nokia provides a professional development environment with debugging and analyzing tools such as on target real-time debugging and profiling over USB. Developers also have access to world class developer support through the new Forum Nokia PRO Games Zone launched today.
Nokia’s next generation mobile games platform is expected to launch in the first half of 2007, with a range of titles and devices.