Get your free game by joining N-Gage Gamers Gang

N-Gage  was Nokia’s first gaming phone , then came the N-Gage QD

N-Gage is now a gaming platform, which is now available on a fast growing range of smart phones like N82 , N81, N85

Now Nokia india is running a promo for N-gage games , so get yours FREE now ..

Nokia N-Gage

Owners of N-Gage compatible handsets can buy or try the new N-Gage games from N-Gage website

N-Gage games can be downloaded straight onto the phone through mobile phone network or Wi-Fi. Alternatively, if you are near to a PC, you can transfer them to your phone.

About N-Gage Gamers’ Gang
N-Gage is the mobile gaming brand of Nokia. It has a tremendous following world over and has evolved as a popular platform for gaming enthusiasts. Carrying that thought forward, we are building a community of gaming enthusiasts who enjoy playing and sharing games within their own communities

Nokia has launched two communities on Facebook and Orkut, the two of which have a large reach amongst technology and consumer communities. The idea is to create a touch point for N-Gage, where gamers can get latest updates, insights, communicate with a like minded community.

The thought: A community for N-Gage, which can be joined by gaming freaks and can be cultivated as a platform for gamers to share their experience with N-Gage, announce their scores, compete with gamers and get to know the latest on N-Gage.

Nokia N-Gage Promotion
Also, this is complimenting a special promotion that Nokia is running on N-Gage users can share their player ids, password and phone number over here. Within 24 hours, they will receive free codes. This is on till October 31, 2008. Gamers have been asked to share their player ids on N-Gage Gamers’ Gang so that can start sharing their scores and experiences with a wider gaming community.

Request you to add one point clearly, people should join N-Gage Gamers’ Gang either on Facebook or Orkut and share their player id. You can join the N-Gage community.

Author: Varun Krish

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