Flipkart acquires AI speech-recognition startup Liv.ai

Flipkart has announced that it has acquired Liv.ai which is an AI-led speech-recognition startup that has developed a speech-to-text platform supporting 10 Indian languages. This acquisition would become part of Flipkart’s center voice solution, and help accelerate an end-to-end conversational shopping experience. Continue reading “Flipkart acquires AI speech-recognition startup Liv.ai”

Apple’s new “Powerful” ad makes you feel powerful if you own an iPhone 5s

Apple had almost stopped promoting its flagship offering – the iPhone 5s since launch and now, out to the blue, Apple has launched a new Ad for the iPhone 5s and it has also created an exclusive webpage for the ad with links to apps that are featured in the Ad.

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It’s official, Satya Nadella is the new Microsoft CEO


Just as several reports had predicted, Satya Nadella is officially the new Microsoft CEO, succeeding Steve Ballmer as the tech giant’s third Chief Executive Officer. Having led several Microsoft divisions including the wealthy Enterprise and Cloud business, Satya Nadella becomes the insider CEO, after several reports of an outsider being considered as the next CEO. Bill Gates also announced that he will leaving the board Chairman position, leaving way for John Thompson to take over that post, which is seen as a move to appease investors of radically lesser influence from the Gates-Ballmer era. While we scour for more publicly available information, here’s an introductory video directly from Microsoft –


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Satya Nadella all set to be the new Microsoft CEO according to reports


The end to a long CEO search is getting near, as reports are piling up from the other side of the planet that Satya Nadella, a senior VP who heads the enterprise and cloud business at Microsoft, is all set to become the new third CEO, after his predecessors Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. It’s been a long while since Ballmer announced his retirement from the CEO position, with pressure from investors mounting as Microsoft fumbled its mobile and tablet strategy, the two fastest growing consumer electronics markets. However, under the same leadership, Microsoft became a company with a diversified portfolio, with hit consumer products like Xbox and the fast growing enterprise products like Office 365, a key initiative by Satya Nadella. This might be one of the biggest reasons why the Board members are narrowing down on Nadella to be the next CEO, he is the moneymaker in Microsoft’s wealthy still-growing division.

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Vodafone Launches Bonus Cards for its Customers in Kolkata

Keeping in mind the high usage of SMS along with phone calls, Vodafone has come up with 3 different bonus cards for its customers in Kolkata. Bonus 10, 20 and 30. These bonus cards provide free talk-time as well as 10 free SMS to be sent in local numbers.
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DoCoMo Introduces Hassle Free Postpay Plans – TATA DoCoMo Diet!


As of now its been noticed that even when the call tariff for prepaid customers goes down, postpaid users need to continue paying high call rates But, with TATA DoCoMo Diet, DoCoMo’s post-paid customers won’t ever regret for being a post-paid customers as they can now enjoy hassle free postpaid plans without any hidden charges. Continue reading “DoCoMo Introduces Hassle Free Postpay Plans – TATA DoCoMo Diet!”

New Tariff by Virgin: Call Local Mobiles @ 30 Paisa/Minute

Virgin Mobile

Recently we posted an article “Virgin mobile reduces get paid on incoming benefit” and after getting to know about it, many Virgin mobile users were disappointed to a great extent and in turn, some of them either reduced their usage or discontinued using Virgin service.

To make good this disappointment, Virgin has now launched a special tariff voucher using which a customer can make outgoing calls for as low as 30 paisa to all local numbers. Continue reading “New Tariff by Virgin: Call Local Mobiles @ 30 Paisa/Minute”

Green Explorer Initiative Kicked off by Nokia!


Apart from just being pioneer in manufacturing and marking mobiles, Nokia is experimenting on some other ways to attract people towards its brand that would in turn benefit the company in long term basis.

For instance, I came across a “Nokia Green Explorer” initiative initiated by Nokia, that would help people share and gain knowledge about places they are visiting. Continue reading “Green Explorer Initiative Kicked off by Nokia!”

Nokia debuts new mobile gaming solutions and experiences at GDC Mobile


Nokia debuts new mobile gaming solutions and experiences at GDC Mobile

First look at new developer tools and consumer interface for next generation mobile gaming platform
San Jose, CA, USA – Nokia today unveiled a new software development kit (SDK) and consumer interface for its next generation mobile gaming platform. The new tools and consumer interface are designed to empower the mobile games industry to create high quality 3D mobile games for Nokia smartphones.
“Our new SDK contains familiar tools for developers, making it easy to focus on doing what they do best – creating great mobile games,” said Gregg Sauter, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. “Our platform lets developers put their games in millions of pockets worldwide and these new tools ensure developers can get on board to take advantage of this fantastic business opportunity.”
Nokia also showcased its next generation mobile gaming consumer interface, showing how consumers can easily discover, purchase, play, manage and share the best mobile games.
“With our new consumer interface, you get quick access to new games and information, it’s easy to buy and manage your games, and share game accomplishments with your friends. You can play fantastic looking games for a great overall entertainment experience in your pocket. This new consumer interface is going to transform the way people find and play mobile games,” continued Sauter.
The new developer tools include Game Development Libraries, based on C++ programming libraries, which will be available across multiple devices. The Game Development Libraries can be updated on the devices for resolving compatibility issues, and adding new features, including industry standard DRM solutions for content protection with minimal integration. Developers can also take advantage of the real-time connected gaming and community features enabled by the N-Gage Arena.
Nokia provides a professional development environment with debugging and analyzing tools such as on target real-time debugging and profiling over USB. Developers also have access to world class developer support through the new Forum Nokia PRO Games Zone launched today.
Nokia’s next generation mobile games platform is expected to launch in the first half of 2007, with a range of titles and devices.

NOKIA launches new GPS module

NOKIA PRESS RELEASE February 10, 2006

Making Mobile Navigation more accessible: Nokia introduces location based services to mid-range portfolio, launches new GPS module

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today underlined its effort in making location based services available to a broad consumer base with the announcement of the Nokia GPS Module LD-3W, which is compatible with a wide selection of Nokia’s Bluetooth enabled handsets. By cooperating with several partners, Nokia provides comfortable and affordable navigation solutions that are now available for many of Nokia’s mid-range handsets.
“Location based services, such as navigation and point-of-interest search for hotels and restaurants are becoming increasingly popular with consumers,” says Aage Snorgaard, Senior Vice President, Mobile Phones, Nokia. “With the introduction of the Nokia GPS Module LD-3W and through our collaborations with navigation industry players such as Wayfinder and Telmap, we offer a compelling range of location based services to the tens of millions of consumers who have one of our highly popular mid-range models, such as the Nokia 6230i or the Nokia 6280.”
The most popular location based services for consumers have been integrated car solutions. Earlier, Nokia introduced navigation to its S60 devices. Now Nokia makes location based services accessible at a lower price point.
With a handset connected to the Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-3W, consumers see their position with up to five meters accuracy, and the easiest route to their destination on a digital map provided by Wayfinder or Telmap. Once installed with the automatic settings configuration tool, users hold an extensive selection of digital maps right in their hand. The Nokia GPS module is expected to start shipping in the 1st quarter of 2006 and retail for approximately 110 EUR excluding taxes and subsidies.
Both the Nokia GPS Module LD-3W module and suite of navigation services will be demonstrated at the partner stands of Wayfinder and Telmap at the 3GSM 2006 Congress taking place in Barcelona from February 13-16.