Why the LG G4 is an entertainment powerhouse

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LG is always one of the forefront innovators of technology especially when it comes to smartphones. They were one of the first to incorporate the Snapdragon 800 processor into a smartphone much before anyone else with their LG G2 smartphone and were also one of the first companies to feature a 2K display on a smartphone with the G3. The G4 is the latest smartphone from LG in the G series and it is an entertainment powerhouse. Why? Let’s take a look.

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LG G4 vs G3 – What has changed?

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LG announced the G4 yesterday, the successor to the LG G3 that was launched last year. The handset will go on sale in Korea starting today at a price of 825,000 KRW (INR 48,880 or US$775) and will eventually release in over 180 countries worldwide.

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Sony Xperia Z3 vs LG G3 Photo Gallery


Sony launched its flagship phone the Xperia Z3 in India yesterday for Rs 51,990 while LG’s flagship device was launched in July for Rs 47,990. We have already reviewed the Z3 and the LG G3  and now we are bringing you the comparison gallery of these two flagship smartphones.

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LG G3 Review: Ambitiously Regressive


Ever since the Nexus 4, LG has been consistently upping its flagship game. The company’s first decent flagship device, Optimus G, was the start of a wonderful intra-company relationship in which LG started pulling resources from within its own divisions, like the one for display, the one focused on Chemistry for battery technology, etc. It then culminated into the G2, which was, in fact, as popular as the Nexus 4 at some point, known for its edge to edge design, good camera, screen and great battery life. The G3 is the LG’s ambitious successor, which fixes the few complaints the G2 had related to storage expansion and a removable battery, and adds interesting new technologies to differentiate itself. LG boasts itself as one of the firsts in the industry to have a quad HD display on a smartphone and also touts the new laser autofocus system that can be reliable, even in low light. Armed with all these features, can the LG G3 take on the Galaxies and the iPhones of this world? More importantly, is a Quad HD display really necessary? Lets find out in our full in-depth review.


LG G3 prices announced for India – 16 GB – Rs 47,990 – 32 GB – Rs. 50,990

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LG G3 Unboxing and First look


LG’s G3, the company’s latest flagship device, was announced on May 27th, with a quad HD display and laser autofocus touted as its USPs. The much awaited successor to G2 predictably packs bleeding edge specifications, in a bid to compete against other premium flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8. The device, with a 5.5″ display, still follows its predecessor when it comes to being sleeker than usual with a super thin bezel around an amazingly sharp display. Packed to the brim with most wanted features, with even a removable battery and a slot for micro SD cards, the G3 aims to be do-it-all this time, and has fewer compromises for a large set of people. We obviously couldn’t wait for the Indian launch, so we went ahead and got one from our friends at Clove UK, and as with every device we get, here is a video to show you what the device looks like, fresh out of the box –


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LG trademarks G3 Beat, G3 Lite, G3 Vigor and G3 Vista

LG had a successful rollout of its flagship phone LG G3 in May. Now, it looks like the company is involved in making other variants of the G3. According to LG’s trademark filing on USPTO, LG has claimed trademark on four more G3 names for next variants of the phone.

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LG G3 rumored to be the first smartphone with Snapdragon 805 SoC

LG is the only company that is yet to announce its flagship device and it will probably be the best of what 2014 has to offer. In addition to the rumors circulating about the removable battery, a microSD card slot and a non plastic back, LG G3 is also rumored to be coming with the latest Snapdragon 805 SoC.

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LG G3 may sport a QHD display

LG has been coming back to the Android territory rather strongly. The LG Optimus G kicked off things for the South Korean manufacturing giant as it was warmly received by people and Google thought that is how their Nexus range should look like and LG came up with LG Nexus 4 and a similar thing happened with the LG G2 as Google’s Nexus 5 takes its cues from the LG G2. LG G2 was announced sometime in August last year, but it looks like LG G3 could see a June launch giving it time before Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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LG G3 to feature 2k resolution display, 16MP camera and octa core chipset


About to buy yourself a new flagship device? You’d be well advised to wait a bit as it looks like the next generation is going to be another quantum leap in terms of specifications. If rumors are to be believed then LG has big plans for the successor to the G2. The LG G3 will have a 2K resolution display. Also known as Quad HD, the resolution corresponds to 1,440 x 2,560 pixels and should give the rumored 5.5 inch panel an incredible pixel density.  Continue reading “LG G3 to feature 2k resolution display, 16MP camera and octa core chipset”