Why the LG G4 is an entertainment powerhouse

LG G4 Dual_fonearena-02

LG is always one of the forefront innovators of technology especially when it comes to smartphones. They were one of the first to incorporate the Snapdragon 800 processor into a smartphone much before anyone else with their LG G2 smartphone and were also one of the first companies to feature a 2K display on a smartphone with the G3. The G4 is the latest smartphone from LG in the G series and it is an entertainment powerhouse. Why? Let’s take a look.

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LG G3 may sport a QHD display

LG has been coming back to the Android territory rather strongly. The LG Optimus G kicked off things for the South Korean manufacturing giant as it was warmly received by people and Google thought that is how their Nexus range should look like and LG came up with LG Nexus 4 and a similar thing happened with the LG G2 as Google’s Nexus 5 takes its cues from the LG G2. LG G2 was announced sometime in August last year, but it looks like LG G3 could see a June launch giving it time before Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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Oppo confirms two variants of Oppo Find 7 are coming

Oppo has used its Twitter account very efficiently to keep its fans guessing about what to expect from their next flagship. It was through the official Twitter account that they teased that Oppo Find 7 would be coming with a 2K display sporting a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. They also used Twitter to announce that they will be unveiling the next generation Oppo flagship in an event on March 19.

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Huawei reportedly has a 2K smartphone in the works

Huawei is a company known to push boundaries as they were the first to introduce a 6inch + device in the form of Huawei Ascend Mate. Ever since, they have been lagging behind other Chinese manufacturers, but things are looking good now. Chinese manufacturer Oppo was the first company to come up with a 5inch Full HD smartphone in the form of Oppo Find 5 and they would have wanted to continue the being first in displays race with the Oppo Find 7, but that wasn’t the case. Vivo XPlay 3S is the world’s first smartphone to feature a 2K display sporting a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. According to rumors, Huawei also has plants to compete in the pixel race and is reportedly working on its own version of a 2K display smartphone.

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Vivo XPlay 3S with a 6 inch 2K display revealed with Snapdragon 800 and a fingerprint sensor


Recently, Oppo had teased about the 2K display on its upcoming Find 7 smartphone, but if we remember right, months ago, there was a Chinese player teasing a 2K display on its device similarly. That seems to have come true today, with the announcement of the world’s first 2K display smartphone – the Vivo XPlay 3S. 2560×1400 is the resolution that the massive 6 inch display packs, with a PPI of 490. It’s been well known that the human eye cannot distinguish pixels at more than 330 ppi, but it seems that companies will just keep on increasing the display resolutions here. The trend has been set for others to follow next year, as we are already hearing bigwigs like Samsung looking at 2K already. This smartphone will of course be available only in China when it launches in retail. Here’s a video of the phone and its OS for starters, specifications after the break.


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Oppo Find 7 to be one of the first phones with a 2K display


Oppo, the company behind awesome products like the Find 5 and N1, has just teased an upcoming feature of its yet-to-be-released Oppo Find 7. The company just confirmed that the Find 7 will sport a 2K display, which makes it one of the world’s first devices with a display of such resolution. Oppo seems to be taking the next logical step in displays on smartphones and their ever increasing pixel density. The Oppo Find 5 was one of the first devices to pack a 1080p display and it looks like the Find 7 will be one of the first with a 2K display, which is unique positioning for their new flagship, we think. It has been more than a year since the Find 5 was officially announced. It was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show & MWC last year and only then were we able to marvel at the 1080p display of the Find 5. We hope that’s the same case for the Oppo Find 7.

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