Why the LG G4 is an entertainment powerhouse

LG G4 Dual_fonearena-02

LG is always one of the forefront innovators of technology especially when it comes to smartphones. They were one of the first to incorporate the Snapdragon 800 processor into a smartphone much before anyone else with their LG G2 smartphone and were also one of the first companies to feature a 2K display on a smartphone with the G3. The G4 is the latest smartphone from LG in the G series and it is an entertainment powerhouse. Why? Let’s take a look.

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Vivo XPlay 3S with a 6 inch 2K display revealed with Snapdragon 800 and a fingerprint sensor


Recently, Oppo had teased about the 2K display on its upcoming Find 7 smartphone, but if we remember right, months ago, there was a Chinese player teasing a 2K display on its device similarly. That seems to have come true today, with the announcement of the world’s first 2K display smartphone – the Vivo XPlay 3S. 2560×1400 is the resolution that the massive 6 inch display packs, with a PPI of 490. It’s been well known that the human eye cannot distinguish pixels at more than 330 ppi, but it seems that companies will just keep on increasing the display resolutions here. The trend has been set for others to follow next year, as we are already hearing bigwigs like Samsung looking at 2K already. This smartphone will of course be available only in China when it launches in retail. Here’s a video of the phone and its OS for starters, specifications after the break.


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