Sony Bravia A8F 55-inch OLED TV Review

Last October, we reviewed Sony’s Bravia A1 OLED television and found it to be one of the most gorgeous panels we’d taken a look at. Fast forward to summer 2018 and Sony has an all new model out. Or does it? Read on for our review of the Sony Bravia A8F 55-inch OLED TV.  Continue reading “Sony Bravia A8F 55-inch OLED TV Review”

Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1 OLED TV Review

Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1-8

The future is OLED. The deep blacks and simply jaw-dropping contrast levels, viewing angles possible using the tech create an image that almost  pop out from the screen. So it’s really no surprise that the top end television in Sony’s line up sports an OLED panel similar to LG and Panasonic’s line up. We’ve been testing out the Bravia A1 KD-55A1 for the last few weeks and here’s what we think about it. Continue reading “Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1 OLED TV Review”

Video : Sony Music Unlimited Service

Sony Music Unlimited is a subscription based streaming service from Sony like the Video Download service and the Playstation store.

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Quick Look : SmartDock for Sony XPERIA P

The video shows a demonstration of the SmartDock for the XPERIA P. The SmartDock is available only for the XPERIA P. The XPERIA S and XPERIA U do not have this accessory.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo Preview

It’s taken a while to emerge, but the Sony Ericsson Neo is finally with us. Shipments of this Xperia-branded Android device were delayed by the recent natural disaster in Japan, but now that it’s here we’re pleased to report that it’s been worth the wait. We’re giving you a little taster of what this likable mid-range device is capable of, and we’ll be following it up with the usual exhaustive FoneArena review in the not-too-distant future.

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Sony Bravia Phone lands in Japan

You might have heard about Sony BRAVIA Televisions but a BRAVIA branded Phone S004 has landed in Japan. We are not sure if this is the first phone with that branding but the specs do look interesting with a 1 GHz CPU , 8 Megapixel Camera , TV and you can carry it along with you to the bathtub ! Continue reading “Sony Bravia Phone lands in Japan”