Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1 OLED TV Review

Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1-8

The future is OLED. The deep blacks and simply jaw-dropping contrast levels, viewing angles possible using the tech create an image that almost  pop out from the screen. So it’s really no surprise that the top end television in Sony’s line up sports an OLED panel similar to LG and Panasonic’s line up. We’ve been testing out the Bravia A1 KD-55A1 for the last few weeks and here’s what we think about it. Continue reading “Sony Bravia A1 KD-55A1 OLED TV Review”

SoundPEATS A1 Bluetooth Headset Unboxing


SoundPEATS A1 is a bluetooth headset with a built-in microphone. The device retails at a price of Rs 4,990 in India and US$ 39.99 in the USA. We got our hands on a unit and have unboxed it for you guys.

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