LG BL40 Review Part-3:Internet, Messaging, Music & Accessories and Camera

With the review of the Design and the Software aspect done, we are left with only one part of the review covering the internet experience, emailing, music and accessories, camera and of course the phone as a feature itself.

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LG BL40 Review Part-2: OS

The LG BL40 has a proprietary OS – with S class UI running. Due to this, it is easy to dismiss the BL40 as just another device. But that is exactly where most of us get it wrong. The BL40 is by no means an ‘under featured’ phone. It has a plethora of unique additions which cannot be found on many other devices. Let’s look into them in some detail –

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LG BL40 Review Part-1: Design

Now we’ve had the LG BL40 for quite some time and we’ve used it quite a bit here and there. So much so that it’s apt to talk about the design of this phone.

Now the LG BL40 is a long device! at 128mm it’s easily long, it’s thin – 10.9mmm and at 51mm it’s not very broad too. It’s easily a super model in in the world of mobile phones.

The phone is easily the most unique in terms of it’s design and also the screen size. At 345 x 800 pixels and 4.01 inches, this thing sure has the widest screen in the business.

You must be wondering why am I talking of these things and not the design of the phone. Well that is because these dimensions are important to understand how the phone is when it comes to the looks and design.

the BL 40

As you can see the Bl40 does not have any buttons on the front fascia at all, everything is on the capacitive screen. The sides of the BL40 house buttons for the Camera, MP3 player and the volume. The MP3 player is on the left side while the remaining are on the right. These buttons are chrome plated and run along the entire left and right side of the phone.

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Unwrapping the LG BL40

I’m sure you must have noticed the new look of our website, with the LG banners. We thought it’s best not to end it at just that and so we have the LG BL40 (Chocolate) for review in our office.

We will be putting this ultra wide-screen fashionable phone to the test and see if it is as good as the name!

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LG BL40 Widescreen Movie playback in action Avatar Trailer


The LG BL40 has landed in India and the phone comes with a 4 inch wide HD LCD display with a 800×345 pixel resolution and a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio.

The specs look interesting but how does it feel like while watching a movie trailer. Sit back , relax and enjoy the upcoming James Cameron movie – Avatar on the LG BL40

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The looks of the LG BL-40 will amaze anyone ! Is it a phone or a chocobar ?  The phone has some revolutionary features like a 4inch Touch- Screen with resolution of 800×345 pixels and for the first time on a mobile, screen with 21:9 aspect ratio. Actually it’s just recently that the first 21:9 aspect TVs were announced by Philips, so this is a remarkable achievement. It also sports a 5 Megapixel camera.Its also got  HSDPA, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Multi-Touch, Flash Based 3D UI
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LG BL40 Official Pictures!

We had earlier reported about the LG Chocolate successor called the BL40. The new phone will be the fourth in the LG Black Label series of phones and will be designed by the same team that originally created the first Chocolate. The phone is set to be officially announced in August but now LG has released the first official shots of the phone.

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