LG BL40 Review Part-2: OS

The LG BL40 has a proprietary OS – with S class UI running. Due to this, it is easy to dismiss the BL40 as just another device. But that is exactly where most of us get it wrong. The BL40 is by no means an ‘under featured’ phone. It has a plethora of unique additions which cannot be found on many other devices. Let’s look into them in some detail –

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Samsung Wave is the World’s First DivX HD Certified Mobile Phone

Samsung Wave will be world’s first  DivX HD certified mobile phone according to a press release from CTIA.

The display on the phone (SuperAMOLED ) already rocks and watching videos is a treat. Get ready to watch DivX HD Videos on the Wave soon as it is expected to be launched soon and even the price has been revealed


And the companies are working together to bring DivxHD support to the newly announced Galaxy S which sports a massive 4 inch display

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