Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-4: Camera

The Samsung Omnia HD has had a lot of things said about it. But the biggest USP of this product is the camera. This baby rocks an 8 megapixel camera that does recording in HD (1280 x 720) at 24fps.

Let’s see in detail how the Omnia HD performs in this critical section, since this is the strongest point on it.


Samsung, today makes some of the highest megapixel count camera-phones in the world today. At 8MP, which is the current standard for high end phones, this camera is good. The Omnia HD has a lot of options and presets to help you get the most out of it. The interface on the Omnia HD’s camera is better than the Nokia solution on it’s touchscreen devices too. The only part where it loses out is the inclusion of a single LED flash. Without adequate flash, this phone cannot be used to capture anything in a dark area, as the results will be anything but acceptable. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-4: Camera”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-3: Software and Accessories

Scr000004In this rather late third part of the review of the Omnia HD, we bring to you a low down on the software that makes the Omnia HD a performer.

As you all know the Omnia HD is Samsung’s first S60 5th edition device and the third touch screen S60 phone to be launched. Samsung with a good experience in touch screen phones, has for some reason failed to deliver a product that sets it apart from an N97 or a 5800. Sure, in terms of the hardware and the camera performance, the Omnia HD is one helluva performer, but some downright silly niggles keep the Omnia HD from becoming a high seller. The good part of it, a firmware update can easily fix it. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-3: Software and Accessories”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-2: Screen and Backlighting


In the second part of the review, we focus on one of the most important aspects of the Omnia HD, it’s screen and also backlighting. We had earlier focused on the the design aspect. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-2: Screen and Backlighting”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-1: Design

061020091372The Samsung OmniaHD or i8910 HD as it is known, is one of the many touchscreen devices launched by the Korean chaebol in India. Samsung’s first touchscreen Symbian device is by no means a flash in the pan. Samsung has been a supporter of the S60 initiative since a long time, but unlike Nokia it did not really capitalize on this platform. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-1: Design”

Omnia HD Price Drop Alert

Some good news for all you folks looking forward to buy the Samsung Omnia HD . The price of the Omnia HD is now only Rs.27600 approx . The phone was launched in India for Rs.33990  some time back and there was a lot of confusion around the blogosphere about the 1GHz  CPU in the Indian variant. If you wondered if the OmniaHD and i8190 were two different models , you must be joking.  Its high time Handset manufacturers make it easier for consumers to remember product names.

samsung-omnia-hd Continue reading “Omnia HD Price Drop Alert”

Samsung Omnia HD and Omnia Pro launched in India get a Price

The wait for Sasmung i8910 Omnia HD is finally over in India. Samsung just launched the 2 phones in Mumbai today – the Omnia HD and the Omnia Pro


Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD and Omnia Pro launched in India get a Price”

Nokia N97 vs Samsung OMNIA HD Photo Gallery

Here is a gallery showing the comparison between the Nokia N97 and Samsung OMNIA HD. The pictures have been taken by a good friend of mine, Centrinos. Thanks goes to him. Continue reading “Nokia N97 vs Samsung OMNIA HD Photo Gallery”

Samsung OMNIA HD vs HTC Touch Pro 2 Photo Gallery

The Samsung OMNIA HD and HTC Touch Pro 2 are two of the hottest touchscreen devices in the market right now.

The Samsung having an 8 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus and HD Video Recording, 600mHz Processor, 3.7″ AMOLED Touchscreen (360*640 resolution), 8/16GB Memory, 3.5mm Jack etc. Continue reading “Samsung OMNIA HD vs HTC Touch Pro 2 Photo Gallery”

Samsung OMNIA HD Photo Gallery

Here are some brilliant shots of the Samsung OMNIA HD which is one of the latest and best devices out in the market right now combining most major features such as an 8 Megapixel Camera with Autofocus and HD Video Recording, DivX, 3.8″ Touchscreen, Symbian S60 5th Edition etc to create a Multimedia Monster.

Thanks to Centrinos for the stunning pictures. Continue reading “Samsung OMNIA HD Photo Gallery”

Samsung Mobiles aiming for 20 percent market share in India , bringing 7 new models

Samsung which is very much a household brand name in Asia is striving hard to increase its market share in India according to a PTI report. Samsung Mobiles which was once having a very minor share of the handset market in India now has a share of about 10-15% according to country head of Samsung India , Sunil Dutt. Its interesting to note that Sunil was part of the top brass in Nokia India a couple of years back. Good news for Samsung fans, the company plans to launch over 7 new models in India in July and August including the hugely awaited Omnia HD

The company has a lot of handsets in the low end segment but in the high-end there was nothing impressive so far. Looks like it wants to change this myth

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Samsung Omnia HD Photo Gallery

Samsung Omnia HD is the cutting edge phone from samsung which was unveiled at MWC 2009

Its the first phone with HD video recording support .. Rafe from AAS managed to get his hands on the phone and he compares it with the ipod and the 5800 below

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Samsung Omnia HD i8910 makes a debut

Samsung has announced the Omnia HD with the model numbe i8910 .. The coolests feature of the phone being a 8 MP Camera and the HD Quality Video Recording.

It was one of the phones samsung announced at MWC 2009.

Another great achievement for Samung is that this is first mobile phone to support 720p video recoding ! Go Samsung ! – nokia might go HD soon

Its got a Full Touchscreen on a stunning 3.7 inch AMOLED Display

Its seen as a successor to the Omnia which ran on Windows Mobile Pro 6.1

Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD i8910 makes a debut”