Top 10 Phones of 2009

The year 2009 saw the introduction of several new phones in various mobile platforms . But only a few managed to impress us !

Presenting the Top 10 phones of 2009 (not in any specific order)

Nokia N900

Back in Nokia World 2009, Nokia announced this device powered by the Maemo platform . This phone has the best browser and can even run Quake.

The Maemo platform just needs more apps to make the experience better.  But as a first attempt the device is certainly revolutionary !

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iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Although the 3GS looks pretty much like the 3G version of the iPhone , it’s amazingly faster and has a pretty good camera which does some great video recording.

Sadly Apple forgot to launch the phone in India as promised for August 2009

But we manged to the review the phone for all you die hard apple fans !

An apple fanboy turned manic even shot his iphone with a gun

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Motorola Droid

If the iPhone was to get some serious competition in the US market , it was the Droid which ousted the iPhone for the Times Gadget of the Year

The MotoDroid aka Milestone is one of the best Android phones in the Market right now

Nokia E72

Symbian is here to stay if its as stable and snappy as on Nokia E72 . Built on the success of  the Nokia E71 the E72 is one great all rounder device.

The keypad on the E72 make typing on the move really nice and the 5MP Camera does not disappoint ! The Optical Navikey is actually cool to use

Nokia launched it for just 22989 in India and the price has fallen to around 20,000 and in our opinion it’s a great buy !

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Nokia N97 Mini

The N97 Mini actually better than the original N97 in most aspects except the screen which is a tad smaller.

Its quite different than the N97 The phone was originally launched at Rs.30k but after a recent price cut its Rs.24999 and a good buy

And it won the GSMA award for Handset of the year

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Samsung Omnia HD

The Omnia HD had one of the best displays you can ever find on a mobile phone. We have been tracking this phone right from the time the Promo video hit the web.

You might even think Samsung managed to pack in one of their LCD TVs onto this phone. Amazing All-rounder phone running on Symbian S60 5th Edition. The HD Video Recording is great and the Camera captures some amazing pics !  Sadly you need to be hacker in-order to get a Firmware update for the phone which will give you Kinetic scrolling soon.

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Sony Ericsson Satio

Well , this phone looks more like a Sony Digicam as it sports a 12MP Camera. It was the first phone to enter the 12 Megapixel Arena.  This phone along with the Samsung Omnia HD demonstrated the power of  Symbian  on a non-Nokia device.

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Blackberry 8520

Blackberry which was often seen as a Corporate device made a brave move by offering the 8520 at the Rs.15000 level .You still have to pay for the Blackberry Subscription though. It sold so well that RIM ran out of stocks in the country. It made owning a Blackberry very affordable.

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Samsung Corby

The Samsung Corby has been one of Samsung’s most successful handsets in recent times and it’s great hit amongst youth who want a simple phone with chic looks. Though the phone looks girly,  even men can use it like FoneArena’s Aditya reviewed the Corby . Looks like Samsung made Corby a brand name rather than a Model name, as we have the CorbyPlus, CorbyPro , CorbyTxt,CorbyMate CorbyPOP and CorbySpeed CDMA

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If you thought WinMo was not interesting anymore ?  The HD2 made Windows Mobile look a worthy option. With a kick ass design and fantastic display the HD2 has a huge fan following already !

Tata Docomo brought the handset to India exclusively We had a Photo gallery of the phone and even a comparison with the iPhone 3GS

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If you think we missed any phone ,  do let us know in the comments . What according to you is the best phone of 2009 ?

Author: Varun Krish

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