Watch BlackBerry 10 Launch Event Live

As you might know FoneArena is live from the Blackberry 10 launch in New York and Delhi. If you are keen to follow the BlackBerry 10 announcement from New York, RIM is streaming the event live through a webcast. Check the link below the video feed. Do check back for all the coverage including photos and videos we should be posting later today. Continue reading “Watch BlackBerry 10 Launch Event Live”

BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing Video already up on Youtube

Looks like someone has jumped the gun and uploaded a unboxing video of the BlackBerry Z10 which is going to be announced by RIM as the first BlackBerry 10 device.Check out the video below

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Can BlackBerry 10 save RIM ?

blackberry 10

Research in Motion , maker of BlackBerry devices will be announcing its first devices running on the BlackBerry 10 platform in a few hours from now in New York City. It is the biggest test for RIM CEO Thorsten Heins who took over the reins from RIM founders Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis just about a year ago. I have seen the BlackBerry 10 OS running on developer devices and the OS does look promising and a huge refreshing change from the traditional BlackBerry experience. It does provide a user experience which is a lot different from Android or iOS or Windows Phone . To be honest I’m bored of iPhone’s dated UI which is over 6 years old. Android Jelly Bean is interesting but the Droids have their own drawbacks . Windows Phone has come a long way but still does not offer a notification center or proper multitasking. The big question today is does BlackBerry 10 have a chance in today’s crowded smartphone market place ? The short answer is yes. For the long answer read on. Continue reading “Can BlackBerry 10 save RIM ?”

BlackBerry X10 shows up in leaked images

Toronto based Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry smartphones will be showing off its next generation offering at an event on 30th January 2013 but devices based on the BlackBerry 10 operating system have already been leaked. In the latest set of images we get a clear look at what will be RIM’s BlackBerry 10 based QWERTY equipped smartphone.

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BlackBerry 10 may introduce BBM Video, Screen Sharing to BBM

It has been hinted more than once that video chat will be making its way to BBM once BlackBerry 10 rolls out. CrackBerry have got their hand on leaked slides which give us a glimpse of what could be the long awaited video calling service for BlackBerry users. Additionally it is believed that users will be able to share their screen which would be a killer feature for productivity oriented users.

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BlackBerry 10 QWERTY handset shows up

RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 based devices are no secret and have shown up more than a few times. Today, we got a glimpse at what might be the first QWERTY equipped device running BlackBerry OS 10. Named the “BlackBerry X10”, the handset brings a Bold 9900 inspired design to the struggling smartphone manufacturer’s next generation line up.

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BlackBerry Z10 pictured in black, white in leaked marketing material

Another day and yet another image of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 based handset has turned up on the internet. Called the BlackBerry Z10, the company is expected to eschew using its traditional four digit model number naming scheme. The full touch smartphone will run the QNX based BB10 OS and is expected to be revealed on 30th January at an event in New York.

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Hampus Jakobsson, Founder of TAT, leaves RIM

Founder of TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), Hampus Jakobsson has left RIM to get back to startup life. Jakobsson played a major role in the interface design of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone OS.

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RIM granted patent for logic based text prediction in Blackberry 10

RIM has worked hard on the Blackberry 10 keyboard and it is not about to let anyone else copy its innovation. The keyboard on Blackberry 10 is now patented technology bringing users logic based text prediction.

In built word prediction keeps an eye out for typos and suggests new words as you type out the sentence while trying to complete commonly used phrases. For obvious reasons, this technology does not work in password fields. It seems that RIM might not have fully implemented this yet as it is a bit different from the keyboard on the Blackberry dev alpha device as we had reported recently. RIM has until early next year to refine the keyboard and deliver a solid product and a great keyboard should go a long way in that.

[Via – Engadget]

Blackberry 10 Developer Alpha impressions

Research in Motion has been showing off teasers of its upcoming Blackberry 10 OS for a while now but admittedly their bigger problem is to get developers onboard their fledgling platform.

To make it easier for devs to test out their apps, RIM has been distributing developer units running a customized version of Playbook OS which should allow them to test run their apps on actual hardware. We’ve been playing with one of these units in our labs these past few days and here are our impressions.  Continue reading “Blackberry 10 Developer Alpha impressions”

BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek Video and Screenshots

Here are some screenshots which shows the upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform running on the developer device. Multitasking and notifications look pretty cool. Watch the video below to see them in action. Continue reading “BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek Video and Screenshots”

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device First Pics

Here are the first pics of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device which RIM CEO Thorsten Heins showed off in the keynote few minutes ago. Although the device is only meant for developers at this point , it looks slick ! More than the hardware the BlackBerry 10 UI seems impressive. The software packs a gesture based on screen keyboard and an innovative multitasking interface.

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