What will be the iPhone 3G price in India

The whole world is now getting the iPhone 3g and the still there no word on the pricing information the 2nd largest mobile market in the world – India

So many of you users have been asking about the iphone 3g ‘s price in india . Unfortunately no official info is out but we can make some predictions based on our understanding of the mobile  scene in india.

Read on to get the expected price of the 3g iphone

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Chennai tops SMS usage in India survey says so

A new study in America reveals that Americans hardly use SMS technology and finish their social talks through calls and emails. This raises a question upon the trillions upon trillions SMS that were reportedly sent were nothing but marketing gimmicks and spam messages.
In the US, 82% of respondents indicated that they had never used the text messaging feature on their mobile phone. A full 3% indicated that they had used text messaging on, at most, a monthly basis, while 15% used text messaging “every week or more.”

But Chennai people are reigning superkings when it comes to texting. Chennai tops the list in
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India the Preferred Mobile Destination

Be it tourism, finance, economy, or newest technology, India is now the most preferred destination for all activities. India is now abuzz with activity and yes the world has finally understood its true potential. Well this is certainly why nokia has launched the Nokia E71 and the Nokia 6220 classic here, first amongst several markets. Nokia said India is an emerging market has the largest base for its handset markets. Moreover it’s a strategic move to take on a nearly close yet far rival Samsung.

Nokia E71 retails for 19500 INR and Nokia 6220 Classic retails for 17500 INR.

more info on E71 and 6220 classic follows

New Motorola W362 CDMA for Reliance users

Reliance Communications unveiled Motorola’s new CDMA handset W362 in Chennai. This handset is claimed to be made entirely in India, at the Motorola plant in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

This low end handset has very basic features and is a great buy for college students.

Specs & Features:

• 4x zoom VGA camera
• 1,000-entry phone book Continue reading “New Motorola W362 CDMA for Reliance users”

Nokia 1680 classic

Another Nokia phone to hit the shelves this week is the Nokia 1680 classic. A basic phone retailing for around 2580 INR. The Nokia 1680 classic cell phone brings a balance of features, design and affordability to meet every lifestyle and budget. Nokia’s most affordable camera phone to date, the Nokia 1680 classic offers essential mobile phone functionality with the added benefits of a basic digital camera. Continue reading “Nokia 1680 classic”

Nokia 5000 out now in Stores

The latest Nokia phone to hit the shelves this week is the Nokia 5000. The Nokia 5000 is a music oriented phone with NO EXPANDABLE MEMORY. It has a mere 12mb memory back up. This cell phone offers a 1.3 megapixel camera and a large QVGA display, it’s Nokia’s first Megapixel cameraphone at this price point. The phone brings a balance of features, design and affordability to meet every lifestyle and budget.

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Nokia Supernova Series

Nokia’s new lineup of Supernova handsets is about to see the Nokia 7610 Supernova handset get real in the US. This seems to be Nokia’s attempt of unleashing stylish handsets at affordable prices. Priced around 225 EUR, the Nokia 7610 Supernova offers Xpress-On covers in a choice of a set of Steel Blue and Red covers offset by a muted gray front surface, or Bright Lilac and Steel Blue contrasted against a white front surface.

Additional features include a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus, instant

messaging and TV out for image sharing. The Nokia 7610 Supernova also offer a dedicated music key, FM radio, an MP3 player and access to Nokia Music Store (where available) via the Nokia Music PC Client.

There are 3 more Supernova phones lined up for release. These include 7510, 7310 and 7210. While Nokia 7510 is a clamshell design, 7310 and 7210 are candybar phones. Continue reading “Nokia Supernova Series”

Asus new PDA launched in India

Asus launched the P320 Mini PDA phone recently. It is very stylish and kinda like a HTC Touch look-alike.

Specs & features at a glance:

• 2.6-inch TFT touch screen
• Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
• GPS navigation
• WiFi
• Bluetooth
• 128 MB Flash ROM
• 2.0 megapixel camera
• RSS Reader Continue reading “Asus new PDA launched in India”

Apple iPhone 3G Airtel India bookings open

After we saw that Vodafone India opened bookings for iPhone 3G .. Now Bharti Airtel does not want to stay far behind.. I landed on this 3g iphone page on Airtel’s website

The website says Become the proud owner of Apple iPhone3G on Airtel.

They also have a form to sign up for the iPhone

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Vodafone India opens bookings for iPhone

Vodafone India has opened up bookings for the iPhone 3G .. although it would be just a 2G phone here.

There is a Pre Registration page on Vodafone’s website which lets you book your iPhone.

Both 8GB and 16GB versions will be available

Interesting Microsoft Exchange Support is going to be there .. What happens to Blackberry’s ball game in India ?

The page says Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services
are currently available in India.

Features they claim

  • 8GB and 16GB
  • Assisted GPS
  • New applications
  • Greater autonomy
  • Microsoft Exchange

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MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800 from Motorola

Motorola unveiled two handsets that are categorized as business class devices that run on the same Linux OS, i.e. MING handsets – the A1600 and A1800.

Motorola MING A1600

A typical business phone as the Specs & Features will prove, but this is also a handset that tourists will love because the handset will feature the option of taking pictures of signboards and having them translated with the help of an on board dictionary.

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MOTOZINE ZN5 unveiled

Finally…an innovation from Motorola!

The first mobile phone to combine Motorola’s ModeShift Technology and Kodak Imaging Technology was unveiled in Beijing, China. With Kodak Easyshare Software and easy access to Kodak Gallery or other web sharing sites, pictures are easily moved off the device, allowing consumers to print, share and enjoy their favourite photos whenever they want.

Camera features:

• 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
• Xenon flash
• Settings for low-light environments
• Multiple capture modes
• Multi-shot and
• Panorama – which automatically stitches together continuous shots taken on the horizon line into a single, extended image
• Gallery Link – to upload images in one click

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Videocon to start telecom services from Chennai

Consumer durables major Videocon Group, which has bagged national telecom licence through its subsidiary Datacom Ltd, would roll out the GSM services from Chennai on August 15 this year.

Unveiling the plans, Videocon Chairman Venugopal Dhoot said that GSM services would be first launched in Chennai on August 15, to be followed by other metros, Kerala and North India.

“The national rollout plan will be completed in 18 months,” Dhoot added. Datacom intends to build up a subscriber base of around 10 million in three-four years of launch.

Datacom had obtained licences for providing GSM services in 22 circles across the country.

Dhoot said telecommunications would be a focus area for Videocon Group in the coming years and the group would invest around Rs 6,000 crore in this business. Continue reading “Videocon to start telecom services from Chennai”