Nokia N97 White Unboxing Video, Still confused what color to pick ?

I have been a great fan of the Nokia N97 White . Recently I got a chance to check out the phone – thanks to Dons from WomWorld . Here is the unboxing video of the N97 white. We also compare the N97 White and Black in the final portion of the video. So if you are still confused what color to pick ! check out the video below .

Nokia N85 and N86 have their share of Firmware Love, get updates….

The N85 and N86 following the suite of N97, N96, E71, E66, E51 E63 and 5800XM to got a firmware update and the latest version of the firmware for N85 stands at V30.019 and after the first firmware update Nokia N86 stand at  V11.043. The firmware update is always recommended because it usually improves the performance and reliability of your phone but there are times when it’s smarter to wait before taking such step and this is one of them.

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Mobile Big Wigs to roll out their own desi application stores

Leading Mobile Phone manufacturers like Nokia, Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) are in the process of rolling out localised versions of their application stores in India. These application stores will have a collection of applications which are customized for the Indian market.

Nokia, which recently started its Ovi Store, has plans to roll out the localised version by December this year. Though in the initial stages, Ovi Store will be available only in smartphones loaded with the Symbian S60 operating system, but Nokia has promised that it will be enabling the app store for all its phones by early next year. Continue reading “Mobile Big Wigs to roll out their own desi application stores”

Apple iPhone 3GS Price and India Launch Date

Are you waiting for the Apple iPhone 3GS to hit indian shores ?  Some good news for you. A user named Charan left a comment in our iPhone 3GS India Launch post and he has even mentioned the official price of the iPhone 3GS in India on Airtel .  This is what he had to say

The Iphone 3GS would be Launched on 9th August in India, The Price is 32000/- for 16GB Version and 39000/- for 32GB Version. I got the Information from one of my Friends who is working with Airtel.

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Nokia Music Store Goes Live in India, Sortof

Thanks to Vaibhav of The Symbian Blog who today reported that the Nokia Music Store has been launched today, i checked it out the very same moment and it really did open but the only sad part was that its a soft launch and one cannot download the tracks as of now.

The Music Store has a huge homepage and instead of posting all the screen-shots i chose to stitch them up and give the whole home page in a single picture, which is on your left hand side. This is how the store opens on my N96 in portrait mode.

To access the store all you have to do is to open the Music folder in your device and click on the Music Store Icon, alternatively you can also type in in your device’s web browser and you shall be directed to the Music Store app by the device itself.

The home page has the image of the latest Bollywood movie New York adorning the top, above which you shall find the options to sign in, join, for help and  to take you back to the home page. The music store does not work with your standard Nokia account and you need to create a new one for it, which i feel is a let down as Nokia has missed an oppurtunity to merge all it services under one Nokia(Ovi) Account. So this mean you shall need to click Join Now and sign up for the service, which is a hassle free experience. Continue reading “Nokia Music Store Goes Live in India, Sortof”

The Updates Continue to Roll from Nokia: E63 AND 5800XM get new firmware and Nokia Maps Updater goes to V1.08

Nokia E63 gets a new firmware

Closely following E71, E66 and E 51 the E63 today got its share of the updates from Nokia in the form of a new Firmware V200.21.012. There is no official changelog out yet. As always the update brings speed and web browsing improvements.

The E63 does not have UDP (User Data Preservation), so remember to backup all your data before the firmware update, since it will format the phone memory. So all you E63 users do let us know about the changes you see after updating the firmware in our comments section. Also the firmware is not available as Over the Air update as E63 is S60V2 Continue reading “The Updates Continue to Roll from Nokia: E63 AND 5800XM get new firmware and Nokia Maps Updater goes to V1.08”

It’s Raining updates from Nokia and we have all of them covered..

Nokia has been rolling out a lot of Firmware updates and application updates from the last two days and here you can find a gist of all the major updates from Nokia in the last two days

Firmware Updates

In the spate of just two days Nokia has released firmware updates for two of its N-Series offerings and three of the E-Series devices.

Device Name

New Firmware Version











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Nokia E75 and N85 Video Reviews

If you’re sick of all the N85 and E75 coverage on FoneArena, then you should turn your head, as here comes a heavy N85/E75 post. We’ve been showing you image galleries of the two devices, we also showed you comparisons with the E71 as well as the N82, in terms of external looks, as well as camera performance, and other cool things. Now is the time to show you how both of these babies perform when it comes to actually turning them on and using them. In the two-part review of each device, we go over the hardware, the design, the menus, some applications, and we show you what we like and what we don’t. You have a demonstration of some games and Nokia Messaging on the E75, of the FM Transmitter and the camera on the N85, as well as many other goodies.

So here they are, two video reviews of both handsets, in 2 parts each, totalling some 38minutes of mobile goodness. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy! (P.S: the volume on the E75 video review is low, my apologies for that, you’ll have to crank up the volume on your speakers!)

Nokia E75 Review Part 1

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LG Arena Preview – Music Playback

LG Arena KM900 is the latest touchscreen multimedia device from LG Mobiles and we have a review coming up soon. It’s a full touchscreen device with a 5 Mega Pixel Camera, Dolby Mobile Music, USB Charging,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

We just preview the music playback on this phone in the video below. The speaker in action below but Its really impressive with the in-ear earphones.


In the meanwhile you can also checkout the LG Arena pics and launch details

Nokia N86 8MP Hands on Video and Quick Fondle

A quick video hands on with the just launched Nokia N86 8MP.  I just fondled with the phone for a while as i checked out the Camera , Dual Slider keypad and music playback. Watch the video for more info.

The phone is priced at a interesting price point of Rs.27199 but there are shops selling it from Rs.23479 Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP Hands on Video and Quick Fondle”

Nokia 5800 v31.0.0.15 Firmware Update Coming soon

Good News for all the Nokia 5800 users, A new firmware update (v is in the offing.

Recently, Nokia Conversations released their “Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Introduction” video on Youtube.  But if you watch the video attentively, at the 0:57 second of the video, you can clearly see that the Firmware version of the Nokia 5800 is showing as v.31.0.015.  And also Steve Litchfield of All About Symbian has also quoted in one of their articles that v31 firmware was the stable release inside Nokia a couple of weeks ago and he suspects it will appear in public this week.

Here is the snapshot of the video where the phone is being updated to v31.0.0.15 of the firmware.

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Nokia N97 Unboxing Pictures

We have unboxing pictures of the Nokia N97 here for you. After you watched the unboxing video here are some pics of the N97 retail box. Its not a normal flashy nokia box with tons of marketing material on the outside.  Then box has a nice engraving on the top and feels to touch. We could not even find the package contents printed any where. The box is just plain and simple and made of eco-friendly recyclable material.

Nokia’s Ambarish mentioned about the the company’s commitment to make it’s retail boxes smaller and eco-friendly.

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Nokia N97 Black Unboxing Video

Here’s the Unboxing video of the Nokia N97 Black Edition

I just fell in love with the slider mechanism of the N97 and the build quality of the phone. The display is very good and Touchscreen is far more responsive than 5800. I also like the handwriting recognition present in the input options. I added bunch of rss feeds to my homescreen and loving it ! Continue reading “Nokia N97 Black Unboxing Video”

Sony Ericsson W705 Preview and Photo Gallery

Sony Ericsson W705 is the latest walkman phone in town. We are working on a review of this phone. So we decided to give you preview of whats in store and also posted some pics which you can find in the photo gallery below . I’m sure all you SE Fans will love the pics. SE W705 is a slider walkman phone with plenty of connectivity options. It feels great to hold it in the hand – the form factor is cool !  Since its a walkman phone, its got a bunch of controls below the display. You can perform limited functions without opening the slider.

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HTC Magic Launched in India , Android based phones finally come to India

HTC Magic will soon be available in India. We just heard from HTC and they are launching it in New Delhi today. For those wanting Android phones. The wait might be finally over. The phone might not be Google branded and might be locked to Airtel or Vodafone. Continue reading “HTC Magic Launched in India , Android based phones finally come to India”