TweetS60 Twitter Client – An Exclusive Review

Until recently, there was no native client for Twitter on Symbian S60. And then Gravity came, Twittix followed it soon and now the market is abuzz with a lot of Symbian twitter clients in the pipeline.

TweetS60 is another native symbian S60 client for twitter from RavenSoft which is currently in private beta and releasing very soon.

But the big news about this client is that, the developers at Ravensoft are also working towards a free version of this client, which is a simply an amazing news for all twitter addicts like me 🙂

I was lucky to be a part of the Private Beta of the client held very recently. So Here I am, with a first hand review of TweetS60 Twitter Client.


The UI is pretty good, I especially loved the colors they have used in all the tabs. It has dedicated tabs for your main twitter timeline, @replies, Direct Messages’s, Your Favorites and Your Messages. You can do all the basic functions like Tweeting, Reply, Retweet, Direct Message, Follow, Unfollow People from the Options menu on the application.

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Turn your S60 Phone into an iPhone with Mmmooo’s MyPhone

MyPhone is an application shell which can turn the UI of your S60 phone into an iPhone UI. The application has 2 different versions, one for the 3rd Gen Phone like E71, N73, N81 etc and another for 5th Gen Phones like 5800XM and Nokia N97.

The 5th Gen Edition of MyPhone is basically a flash based application with an iPhone kinda UI. But it looks quite impressive with a “Slide to unlock” feature, a Bottom Dock containing shortcuts for “Messages”, “Calls” and “Contacts” and many other shortcuts on the Home Screen as in an iPhone. You can also change to various other homescreens just by sliding forward/backwards on the UI. And if you want to customize the icons, you just have to long press on the icon you want to replace and touch on another icon with which you want to replace it with.

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Nokia E75 vs E71, Picture Gallery

Well, you have seen the Nokia E75 in all its glory, but how does it compare to everyone’s favorite Eseries device? The Nokia E71 can be considered as the E75’s big brother, it’s the device that brought QWERTY to the masses, as well as great build quality, and a multitude of features in a slim form factor.

The E75 carries the same design language, with metallic accents, but features a narrower size that makes it easier to hold it in one hand, especially when you’re making calls. It is also thicker which allows it to have the QWERTY slider form factor. Here are the comparison images, for your viewing pleasure (as always, click on the thumbnails for the full 12MP photos).

E75 1

The front of both devices shows their difference: the E71 looks like a powerful messaging device, whereas the E75 has a regular mobile phone look. This could be considered as a positive or a negative aspect for the E75, depending on what you look for exactly in a mobile. Continue reading “Nokia E75 vs E71, Picture Gallery”

Twittix – A Twitter Client for Symbian Phones

Hot on the heels of Gravity, the recently launched S60 Twitter Client, comes another native Twitter client called Twittix, from Mojos Mobile.

twittix home screen

Once Installed, You will be prompted to enter your Twitter ID and your Password. It will then download your timeline.

You can do all the basic features of Twitter like updating your status, Replying to tweets, Direct Message, Retweet, Follow and Unfollow People, Favourite and Unfavourite tweets etc through this client. It also has an inbuilt search function through which you can search for anything you want, but there is no option for saving your searches. Continue reading “Twittix – A Twitter Client for Symbian Phones”

Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Review

Since we have had loads of requests from users about this launch we decided to bring you an Exclusive Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Review with loads of pictures of the phone and also a couple of video clips which demo the music capabilities of the phone. … But the audio quality is dynamic and enjoyable when you use the earphones or a set of insanely expensive Bose Speakers Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Price and Availability The phone has started retailing at a maximum retail price of Rs.6200 including taxes at Chennai Package Contents – Whats in the Box 1GB microSD card preloaded with 50 MP3 songs

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic the latest affordable music phone from Nokia.

Since we have had loads of requests from users about this launch we decided to bring you an Exclusive  XpressMusic Review with loads of pictures of the phone and also a couple of video clips which demo the music capabilities of the phone.

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Design and Physical Aspects

The phone is bar form factor with rounded corners and a curved back panel with a smooth finish.

The speaker sits in the bottom of the back panel.

The camera is present in the top rear and

The keypad supports multilingual input

notice the Tamil Characters on the keypad.

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Gmail App on Nokia E71 – Video Review

Most of us would know about Gmail app for mobile phones.. It came out first as a java application but works smoothly on most phones

The app has evolved a lot over time.

Interesting features in the current version of the application include

  • Multi Account support – you can use the single installation to access gmail and ur google apps for domains email.
  • New Basic Offline feature which lets you read your recent email offline
  • Offline Drafts – Save email as mobile drafts even if you loose connectivity
  • Access contacts with autocomplete
  • Jump to Gmail labels
  • Search email
  • Loads of short cuts
  • View attachments including photos , word and pdf files

Well its one of the applications you MUST have if you are a Gmail user ..

Rita has a video review of the app in action on the Nokia E71

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Gravity Twitter App for S60 Review with Video

If you are frequent twitter user and want to update your status and use your twitter account on the move, then Gravity might grab your attention.

The app was released on March 30th and its available for download on the website which is the German company behind the app.

Most twitter users use or slandr or dabr to tweet from their mobile phone.

But a native application is always great for any purpose

This app is currently available for S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th Edition phones.

We tested on a Nokia 5800 and Nokia E71

video after the jump .

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MeeHive Personalized News on iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

I have been playing with the MeeHive iPhone App for over a week now and im should say I that its a simple app which makes news consumption on your iphone very easy.

In the following Review of the Meehive app which is a Free Personalized News App for the iPhone/iPod Touch I would highlight the interesting features of this app.

Meehive Home Screen

This is the screen you would see once you have filled your interests.

Interests is nothing but topics you are interested in . ex:iPhone , Nokia , India etc.

the Homescreen gives you access to all the hot news based on your areas of interest and you can read the full article on the corresponding website without having to leave the app. See the FoneArena Nokia handset leak below

It renders the webpages using the full power of Safari so that you can have a great mobile news reading experience.

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The Nokia N85 Review

The latest N Series phone a.ka. The Nokia N85 is in town.

Its one of the most feature packed N Series phones as on date.

The N85 is touted as the successor to the N95

We review the phone and take you through the highlights of this NSeries phone

With a strong lineup of multimedia features, the Nokia N85 is taking the world of mobile convergence to the next level. Gaming, photos, navigation and music blend together with the newest Ovi and third party services via 3.5G HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity to make discovering and sharing experiences quick and seamless.

The N85 reminds us very much of the N81 which was the first phone to support a new casing.

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Sony Ericson Xperia X1 & HTC Touch HD Fusion

Amongst all eagerly awaited Windows Mobile devices, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and the HTC Touch HD take the crown as the most interesting, innovative and promising handsets. Luckily, both of them run a cool layer on top of Windows Mobile 6 to avoid users frequent interaction with that horrible and outdated interface. The Xperia X1 has the 9 panels system and the Touch HD has the TouchFLO 3D, both of which allow for a huge set of shortcuts to different Windows Mobile functions, in a finger-friendly designed interface.

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Nokia Oldie Photo Gallery E90, N81 8GB, N95

Everyone is looking at the newer Nseries and Eseries. “Oh the E66, the E71, the N85, the N96!” But what about the dated devices? Some of them are just one year old, others more than 2 years. But all of them still sport that stellar Nokia manufacturing quality. Great hardware, amazing software. These are the devices that created a milestone in Nokia’s portfolio, and are still, up until today extremely functional, highly relevant and very attractive.

So, did/do you own one of these? Are you looking into buying them because their price dropped since their initial release? Do you fancy some gadget lust? Well then you might want to feast your eyes on this gallery that I recompiled for you from my previous experience with them:

  • Nokia E90, the first S60-powered communicator, business and multimedia GIANT
  • Nokia N81 8GB, the first N-Gage handset with dedicated gaming keys, also a music BEAST
  • Nokia N95, do we really need to describe it?

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JoikuSpot Light – Make your mobile a hotspot

Hello readers, I am Dr. Anirudh Sharma and I will be featuring guest articles here on fonearena. I would like to star my fonearena quest by reviewing a very useful software that you can use to turn your mobile internet to a Wifi hotspot and use it on your laptop. I have been using JoikuSpot Light for sometime now an i will now review it for you about the basic functionality of the software and how to set it up and get going. The software has a basic aim to make you Wi-fi enabled handset as a router. Things you need before starting is a Wi-fi cell phone, a 3G, EDGE or GPRS connection and the JoikuSpot Light software which can be downloaded by Clicking Here>> The Software promises to turn your Nokia phones to a WLAN HotSpot. JoikuSpot software is installed directly to the phone. When switched on, laptops and iPods can establish instant, secure and fast WLAN connection via smartphone’s JoikuSpot HotSpot using phone’s own 3G internet connection.

Screenshot0029 Screenshot0030

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