Images of Android 4.0 for Droid Razr gets leaked

Motorola had just recently posted an Android 4.0 update schedule for all its devices also agreeing that there was a delay in cooking ICS for these devices, well one lucky Android 4.0 tester for Motorola Droid Razr has leaked some images of the device running latest version of Android.

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Droid RAZr page goes live at DroidDoes website

Everyone knows about the Droid does website, right? The Droid does campaign which changed the Android community, well a new product has been entered today on it’s webpage and it is none other than the Droid Razr! I am very excited about this product because it looks so sleek and the specs are just great.

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Promotional videos released for Motorola RAZR

The promotional videos for the Motorola RAZR, the latest phone on the block, have been released. Apart from being the ‘thinnest smartphone ever made’, most of the hype is about inclusion of the Gorilla Glass and its Kevlar coating which means it is practically impervious to screen scratches.

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