Texas Instruments backs out from the smartphone space, no more OMAP

Dallas, Texas-based Texas Instruments is a pioneer in the chip industry. It has been part of the major shift in the smartphone industry which introduced the “System on a chip” concept into the mainstream. But the chip maker has started to wonder about the prospects of its future, when it comes to the insanely competitive smartphone business. And the company has made a decision to switch gears, moving away from the smartphone business and concentrating more on a more profitable and stable, embedded chip business.

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Quick Look : Texas Instruments

We bumped into the team from Texas Instruments at the MobileFocus Global event last night. Texas Instruments takes us through some of their products at MWC 2012 and explains why optimization is more important than having faster processor and more cores.

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Amazon’s tablet to be named Fire and showcased tomorrow?

Amazon had announced a press conference tomorrow a few days back, well we all know that Amazon is coming up with an Android based tablet which will be directly competing against the iPad, and we are sure that they are going to talk about this device and show it tomorrow in their press event, but now Techcrunch is reporting that it will be a 7″ tablet which will be named Fire.

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20MP Camera-Phones in the Near Future!


Technology is developing at an ever-increasing rate. Mobile phones are becoming an all-in-one device combining fatures of  digital cameras, media players, Internet browsers etc. We have seen 12MP camera-phone with optical zoom which some have commented on as a camera with phone function. Continue reading “20MP Camera-Phones in the Near Future!”