Nokia N8 Questions and Answers

We are part of the first official Question and Answer session around the Nokia N8 Q&A. We have been covering the N8 ever since it leaked. Since the Nokia N8 has got a 12 MP best of the class Camera sensor. Some may see it as Camera with a SIM card slot.

There have been a lot of questions from users about N8 . Is the battery non-removable ? When will it start shipping ? What makes the Camera special ?

Looking at the Camera samples , the N8 looks like a Camera with a SIM card slot.

Folks from Nokia were bombarded with questions about the N8 by a group of bloggers CJ , Rafe , Micky , Farhan and our very own Varun

Dive in to find out

Q. Why did Nokia choose to go with a non-removable battery ?

A. About the battery, we wanted to create a robust, one-piece device that feels good in the hand, therefore the integrated battery that can not be replaced by the user.

Q. Does Integrated battery affect battery life ?

A.Integrated battery does not actually affect to battery life.

Q. Can I directly transfer stuff from my pendrive to the n8 without a computer ?

A.You can copy big files from hard drives without PC. There is one limitation with the filesizes; max is 4GB, it comes from FAT32 system.

Q.Is the body of the phone completely scratch resistant ?

A.The covers are made out of aluminium and the colors come with anodization process. It seems to resist the scratches by nature. I bet nothing is 100%

Q.Will there be pinch and zoom in browser ?

A.Yes and you can do the pinch also in photos & email

Q.Does N8 record 5.1 sound ?

A. No , it records Stereo Audio but playback is 5.1 Dolby

Q. About Process and GPU on the phone

A. about the processor – ARM-11 680MHz processor, we got the grapchics accelerator next to it. Getting great speeds with that combination. Some screens are running already now at 60fps

Q. How is the N8’s Camera different from the N82 ?

It starts from the sensor, bigger the sensor, brighter shots 🙂 I checked few 300-400€ pocket cameras and they had smaller sensors And we piled the cam with 28mm wide optics from zeiss, that’s great combination.

Q.Is Nokia entering Pocket Cam business then ?

We’ve been in cam buziness for a while. it’s in Nseries

Q. Will N8 get Symbian^4 ?

There was earlier a question on Symbian^4, and here I have to refer to us not commeting on future products. sorry

Q. Where is the USB port on the N8 ?

A.USB is in the left side the N8 going to have native facebook / twitter integration? can do Facebook & Twitter out of the box, can get those into one view.

In some questions about the Qt Framework for Developers Nokia said that there will have Ovi Store publishing in place for Nokia Qt SDK apps and  that the N8 will ship with Qt 4.6

If you still have any questions about the N8 ask in the comments below or ask in the Nokia Nseries blog

The N8 looks like a innovative piece of Hardware from Nokia. It certainly does not look like a Nokia for sure .

The big question now is if Symbian^3 will give life to the amazing hardware and make Nokia’s smartphones shine again ! We can barely wait to get our hands on the N8  !

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