Nokia C6-01 Starts Shipping Today

Nokia seems to be fixing it’s time-to-market problem pretty well recently. The C7 started shipping in record time recently and now the C6-01 which was announced at Nokia World is also shipping worldwide. Nokia said in it’s official blog today “The boxes have been filled, the vans loaded and the factory gates opened,Soon they will be with retailers and operators near you”

“The Nokia C6-01 is designed for the consumer who wants to stay on top of their social life while on the go,” said Jo Harlow, head of smartphones. “The new Symbian platform makes social networking fast and easy, while from the design point of view the Nokia C6-01 fits perfectly in your palm. Even the smallest of hands can reach every corner of the screen!”

The C6-01 is the first phone with a CBD or Clear Black Display to hit the market and we can’t wait to check it out ! The price of the phone is expected to be be around Rs.16000 in India

You can check you more pics of the C6-01


Author: Varun Krish

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