Is Nokia N9 a N8 with a QWERTY keyboard ?

The guys from NegriElectronics have kept their promise to show a video of the leaked Nokia device . They are still strongly calling it the N9.  Till know we were pretty sure that the N9 might be a MeeGo phone. But this thing is running on Symbian 3.  We are hearing from sources that the Nokia N8 has some siblings one of which might have a QWERTY keyboard. Having looked at the  Keypad it reminds of the N97 mini but this one has 4 rows unlike the min with 3 rows. We are not convinced that this is the N9. This might be a N8-01 or N8-02 or simply N8 QWERTY. It can also be the E7 or in a rare case the  C7 !

Watch the video after the break !

Youtube version

Original Viemo Version

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Author: Team FoneArena

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  • anon

    why is it that these stupid idiots from fonearena keep calling this e series or nseries ? this is a c-series phone, without any doubt. dont they know that eseries always has some steel on it, and that nseries will have a N0 sybol n their prototypes ???
    stupid blog this turns out to be !

  • anon

    hahaha….i was expecting this. i knew that fonearena would delete my previous comment. i just called them foolish for calling a c-series phone as an nseries and e-series,and they removed the comment. come on desi folks, learn from blogs like engadget and gizmodo. never delete the comments against you. you dont even have a spirit of a good blogger. i pity you, the team.
    and as a matter of fact, i dont see anyone commentingon the posts- this ain’t a great blog afterall, there are a paltry few visitors -so why worry? as though you got a great trafic ???? hahahaha
    the only reason i come to your blog is that you have the desi mobile news, compared to global mobile tech. news, which you pretend to be having….!!!!!

  • J.N.Nadkarni

    This cannot be N8 since N8 is with 12mp camera. If this was with 12mp camera and querty keyboard then you could have called it as N8 with keyboard (querty )