Dell Streak Review

Here is the FoneArena Dell Streak Review – Dell’s first phone to hit markets worldwide including India. It was launched first on O2 UK and later on AT&T USA. It was released in India last year and has got an update to Android 2.2 recently. How does the Streak deliver find out below. Continue reading “Dell Streak Review”

Dell Streak getting Android 2.2 OTA update soon

A very happy news to all Dell Streak Owners. Dell have posted that they are pushing out 2.2/Froyo update for the customers by the end of the year. Amy-B from Dell says that the OTA update of Froyo/2.2 for Dell streak will be pushed very soon. She also added that the customers everywhere will be updated to FroYo within this year. Dell also says that they wont release android 2.1 to the variants and will update all the variants to 2.2. Continue reading “Dell Streak getting Android 2.2 OTA update soon”

Dell Streak in India , Hands on Photos and Video

dell streak tablet india

We were at the Dell Press Conference in Bangalore this morning where the company launched it’s Android device the Streak. This is the first time the computer maker is launching a mobile phone in India Continue reading “Dell Streak in India , Hands on Photos and Video”

Dell Streak India Launch in October ?

Dell is planning to launch it’s Android Tablet Phone the Dell Streak in India this October according to NDTV . This information was shared by Michael Tatelman, Dell’s Vice President for Global Consumer Channel Sales & Marketing. Continue reading “Dell Streak India Launch in October ?”

Dell Streak Gorilla Glass gets Tortured

We heard that that Dell Streak uses a special kind of Glass called Gorilla Glass for the display. It is known to be scratch proof. The guys at Engadget torture the Streak Prototype by banging a pen tip on the screen repeatedly. Does the screen survive ? Watch the  video below !

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Dell Streak Android Tablet hits UK

Dell has finally announced the Android Tablet Dell Streak for UK. It was previous known as the Mini5.  It has a 5 inch display and runs on Android operating system. No word on the Android Version its running or the price. The tablet would be launched by O2 in UK and will be released this summer in USA.

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