Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-4: Camera

The Samsung Omnia HD has had a lot of things said about it. But the biggest USP of this product is the camera. This baby rocks an 8 megapixel camera that does recording in HD (1280 x 720) at 24fps.

Let’s see in detail how the Omnia HD performs in this critical section, since this is the strongest point on it.


Samsung, today makes some of the highest megapixel count camera-phones in the world today. At 8MP, which is the current standard for high end phones, this camera is good. The Omnia HD has a lot of options and presets to help you get the most out of it. The interface on the Omnia HD’s camera is better than the Nokia solution on it’s touchscreen devices too. The only part where it loses out is the inclusion of a single LED flash. Without adequate flash, this phone cannot be used to capture anything in a dark area, as the results will be anything but acceptable. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-4: Camera”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-2: Screen and Backlighting


In the second part of the review, we focus on one of the most important aspects of the Omnia HD, it’s screen and also backlighting. We had earlier focused on the the design aspect. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-2: Screen and Backlighting”

Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-1: Design

061020091372The Samsung OmniaHD or i8910 HD as it is known, is one of the many touchscreen devices launched by the Korean chaebol in India. Samsung’s first touchscreen Symbian device is by no means a flash in the pan. Samsung has been a supporter of the S60 initiative since a long time, but unlike Nokia it did not really capitalize on this platform. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia HD Review Part-1: Design”

Samsung To Launch Its Own Application Store on September 14

Samsung App Store

After the Immense success of Apple’s App Store and moderate success of Nokia’s Ovi Store,  Samsung is coming up with its own new app store for all the Samsung Smartphone users on September 14th 2009. However Initially, the Samsung App Store will be open only for the UK, France and Italy users of Omnia and I8910 HD, with 30+ countries like Germany and Spain to follow later. Samsung has further added that the App Store will be then expanded to accomodate other models such as Omnia II and OmniaLITE etc.

The Samsung Application Store will supposedly kickstart with 300 native apps and then grow it to approximately 2000 apps by the end of year 2009. The various apps present in the app store will range from Games, references, social networking, e-books and health related apps which can be easily downloaded in a single click. Companies like Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Handmark, TAITO, Paragon SW, Capcom etc will be among the main providers of applications to the Samsung Application Store.

However in order to activate the App Store Service, Both Omnia and I8910 HD users will have to upgrade their devices. Omnia users can simply download and install the mobile client from to access the app store on their mobiles once the store opens up on 14th Sep 09. Samsung I8910 HD users also can download the mobile client by selecting the Application Download icon on their mobile phones.

So if you are an Omnia or I8910 HD mobile user, you can just head over to for more details on the app store and also to browse featured applications after 14th Sep 2009.