Google G1 now available to Android developers in India

The T-Mobile G1 would be available for purchase to Android Developers in India but branded as the Android Dev Phone 1but carries the same specs as the G1

Android Developers in 18 countries including India can now purchase the Google Android Phone

Its both Network and Hardware unlocked and is mainly made available to android developers world over.

You don’t have to be on T-Mobile or inside USA to get this phone ..

Anyhow we managed to get the unlocked G1 to work on Airtel earlier Continue reading “Google G1 now available to Android developers in India”

T-Mobile G1 Unlocked works in India on Airtel

I recently got my hands on a T-Mobile G1 the first Google Android powered phone.

I brought it to India from USA. I unlocked the handset through T-Mobile and the phone now works perfectly fine on Airtel .

We are working on a in depth review of the phone which is the first phone based on the Google Android Operating System.

We have been telling you about gPhone since August 2007 Continue reading “T-Mobile G1 Unlocked works in India on Airtel”

First Google Android phone coming to T-mobile today

The stage is all set for T-mobile to launch the G1 handset today at New York.

The handset powered by Google Android  operating system will retail at $199 , the same price Apple iPhone3G

8GB is available with AT&T.

The Gphone  is manufactured by Taiwanese phone maker HTC

We will try our best to get our hands on this phone as it is  going to be available in USA starting this October

Google phone’s Android SDK Released


The SDK (Software Development Kit) for Google’s mobile phone, Android was released on 12th November 2007.

For the uninitiated, here’s a peek into what the Android is all about.

The Android is the first open, free to use, completely-packed-with-goodies mobile platform. It includes an operating system, middle ware and key applications written using Java programming. So you get a phone with all features such as GPS, camera, email, Instant Messaging, calendar, games etc as well as Google services like XMPP and Google Maps. Continue reading “Google phone’s Android SDK Released”

Google Open Handset Alliance and Android is official

Google has just announced the Open Handset Alliance. It has partnered with over 30 Companies worldwide for the new platform called Android including Motorola, Qualcomm, HTC and T-Mobile. So the gPhone story has just started.

We had covered about Android 2 days back.This is actually interesting news for mobile developers and mobile users.

Mobile Developers can get to download the SDK soon at the Open Alliance Developer page

Phones running the Android platform are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2008.

This move is seen as a sign of Google’s intentions to enter the Booming mobile market world wide.

You must have used / seen Google mobile maps, Gmail and Mobile docs . The new phones will be linux powered probably and will run all the latest Google Mobile Apps. 

Is gPhone is openmoko ?  reported last week that gPhone would be launched in India in September.

We also reported earlier about the gPhone from Google possibly being an iPhone Killer

Now its getting closer. Reports suggest that the gPhone runs Linux and might be a Openmoko phone customized to run Google Apps like Gmail, Gtalk,Google Mobile Maps,News , Youtube and Calendar.

Possible Features

  • GPRS/EDGE (Wi-Fi – Not for sure in the $100 Version)
  • GPS
  • Touchscreen
  • Linux Based OS
  • All Google Mobile Apps pre-installed
  • Ticker Ads



The price is expected to be around $100 or Rs.4000 approx for the entry level phone. There might be a high end phone with better features and might compete with the iPhone.

At this stage. This news is still a rumor and there’s not official confirmation about the phone.

But there’s enough evidence that Google is working on a phone as Google has accepted that its in talk with Operators in India