Google phone’s Android SDK Released


The SDK (Software Development Kit) for Google’s mobile phone, Android was released on 12th November 2007.

For the uninitiated, here’s a peek into what the Android is all about.

The Android is the first open, free to use, completely-packed-with-goodies mobile platform. It includes an operating system, middle ware and key applications written using Java programming. So you get a phone with all features such as GPS, camera, email, Instant Messaging, calendar, games etc as well as Google services like XMPP and Google Maps.

The SDK released on Nov 12th is a preview to enable users to create their customised Android applications that can be tested as well. An emulator will enable you to take a peek into the incredible features you incorporate. This customisation of mobile phones is an innovation that promises to revolutionise mobile phones as they are available today.

In addition, Google also announced the Android Developer’s Challenge, which will hand out $10 million to 50 best Android developers.

checkout Android’s official page