eBay to relaunch its India business after selling its stake in Flipkart to Walmart

Walmart and Flipkart deal is creating a lot of news across the world, and freshly it is eBay who is said to be planning to relaunch its India business after selling its stake in Flipkart for $1.1 billion to Walmart. eBay has already announced that it is intending to sell its holdings in Flipkart.  Continue reading “eBay to relaunch its India business after selling its stake in Flipkart to Walmart”

Flipkart to reportedly acquire eBay India

Flipkart new logo

Earlier this week it was reported that Flipkart has raised $1 billion from a new and existing investors and is planning for another $1 billion. Now, a latest report from Factory Daily suggests, the homegrown e-tailer is set to acquire eBay India as part of its fresh funding round of around $2 billion. The report adds that the round will stay open until it reaches $2 billion in total. Continue reading “Flipkart to reportedly acquire eBay India”

Samsung Galaxy S3 lands on eBay India , priced at Rs.39999

The India launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is round the corner , May 31 being the date and Samsung has even started taking Pre-Orders for it’s biggest handset launch of the year. But Samsung has not revealed the price of it’s flagship Android device. The Galaxy S3 has landed on eBay India with a price tag of Rs.39,999 Rs.44770 and the seller says that the phone will be delivered after 1st June 2012. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was a big hit for Samsung and the company is looking to repeat history with the Galaxy S3. It might won some carrier confidence already as reports indicate over 9 million pre-orders for the device.  The device is yet to reach consumers and goes on sale in many markets on May 31st and would be interesting to see the consumer response.

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Position In Queue For The New iPad Is Up For Sale On eBay

An ebay seller is currently selling the queue position number four at the London’s Regent Street Apple store. You will have to bid for £78.00 or more to get the number four position in the queue.

Every year, hundreds of people line up outside the Apple store to get the latest version of iPhone as well as the iPad. Some people find it dumb, while the others love to wait in the queue to get their latest smartphone and tablet outside the Apple Store. Last week, Apple announced the next generation of its tablet device, the iPad 3 or the new iPad. It features a 9.7 inch Retina Display, sporting a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, Apple A5X dual-core processor, 5 megapixel iSight camera, 4G LTE Connectivity and much more. Continue reading “Position In Queue For The New iPad Is Up For Sale On eBay”

Shop, Search and Compare prices with eBay iPhone app for India

eBay India has launched their app for iPhone users. The would let the Indian users log in to their eBay account and shop items. You can also search for an item, get instant alerts when you are outbid or when an auction ends and also compare prices in the store against eBay prices using the phone’s bar code scanner. Continue reading “Shop, Search and Compare prices with eBay iPhone app for India”

eBay India goes Mobile

eCommerce has been the biggest success in India, where majority of Indian companies have tapped the immense potential it had. eCommerce has completely changed the market arena, by enabling people to access the services provided by various companies, in almost any field. It has become the in-thing, where every company had to adopt it, for their growth and survival. Continue reading “eBay India goes Mobile”

eBay seller offers Nokia Aeon, is a flat out liar

Seems to good to be true? Yesiree, we’re betting it is, too.

A ebay reseller is offering Nokia Aeon. well you might ask whats so wrong in it., citing ebay is afterall for e-selling only.

well looking into finer details..


Nokia’s Aeon is a concept. The concept handset is “Not even released for sale in INDIA yet !, Nokia’s Biggest manufacturing facility and handset market”. Continue reading “eBay seller offers Nokia Aeon, is a flat out liar”

eBay and YouTube Optimized Phone???

Recently while reading my monthly subscription of the T3 magazine of UK, I came across two small digital cameras. One was from Fujifilm and the other was from the Casio Exilim Series. These cameras has features which all mid range digital cameras have, but the most distinguishing features were that, Continue reading “eBay and YouTube Optimized Phone???”