eBay and YouTube Optimized Phone???

Recently while reading my monthly subscription of the T3 magazine of UK, I came across two small digital cameras. One was from Fujifilm and the other was from the Casio Exilim Series. These cameras has features which all mid range digital cameras have, but the most distinguishing features were that, the Fuji camera had eBay picture mode (user can click four pics in one) and the Casio digicam had video shooting optimized fro YouTube. With the growing popularity of both YouTube and eBay, these features actually make sense. It is kind of a symbiotic relationship between these two services and the digital cameras. I started thinking that, recently most of the mobile OEMs have started adding high-end cameras to their mobile handsets, some are 3 meg-pixel, some are 5 meg-pixel, some say they have xenon flash, some say users can shoot movie in this mode, that mode, 15 FPS speed, 20 FPS speed and what not. So why not some Mobile OEM come up with a phone, which can take pictures optimized for eBay and shoot video’s for YouTube???

Author: Team FoneArena

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