Apple iPhone 5s Leather Case Unboxing and Demo


We have had the Apple iPhone 5s with us for a while now. You might have seen us mention in the 5s Dock Unboxing that we had picked up a couple of accessories for the device from the Hong Kong Apple Store and the Yellow leather case is one of them. Launched with the iPhone 5s, the leather case comes in various colours. The “Yellow” one is more of a flourescent green in real. Want to know how it looks and fits on the iPhone 5s? Check out our unboxing and demo video –


The case is made of nice textured leather on the outside. It looks and feels great in the hands.


The case has the appropriate openings for the ports and the loud speakers while it covers the volume and power buttons.


The insides are made of a soft velvet-y material that makes sure the phone doesn’t “sweat” inside. Leather cases usually have that tendency and we have seen that happen even with silicon cases.


Over at the front, the case shows a lining of its colour, which stands out when the iPhone’s display is turned off.


But the main problem is, the leather case is too hard to remove. There is no easy “mechanism” for removal and the known fragility of the iPhone doesn’t help. It was extremely hard at first, but it sort of loosened up a little after we removed it and put it back a number of times. Anyways, that aside, the case does protect the iPhone, even on the front, so the feel+protection factors make this case a win for us. If only we could remove it easier without worrying of the iPhone falling off or if we could use it directly, on a dock with the case on.

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Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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