iFrogz Tadpole Active Review – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

ifrogz_tadpole_active (1)

One of the main purposes of our smartphones these days is content consumption and a large portion of that is for media be it audio or visual. While many smartphone manufacturers go a long way and try to integrate high end screen with eye-bleeding sharpness and vividness etc, most of them fail to deliver in terms of audio. There are maybe a handful of phones that come with good quality and powerful speaker but in the pursuit of “thin-ness”, most smartphones have feeble loudspeakers that really take away the whole experience of entertainment unless you are using a headset. So what do you do, when you want to share that same content with your friends or family for example? A speaker is the best solution and that too a wireless one that gives you the most freedom. The iFrogz Tadpole Active is one such speaker that is aimed at providing good quality audio in a tiny package. Let’s dive into the review to see how the device performs.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active shows up on video

We’ve previously reported about the Samsung Galaxy S4. The handset was spotted at an event in Croatia and now we’ve got video proof of its existance.

As seen earlier the handset is clad in a dual tone metal shell that has a very industrial look to it. The exposed bolts on the back lend further credence to the fact that the handset is both dust proof and water resistant.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S4 Active shows up on video”

Samsung Might Be Working on a Galaxy S4 Mega


Samsung recently released an update for their WatchOn application. But it seems that they might have accidentally leaked the name of an upcoming device – the Galaxy S4 Mega.

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Sony Xperia S27i leaked via UAProf , Might be successor to Xperia Active

The Sony Xperia S27i has been leaked by means of its user agent profile being listed on the Sony website. It brings with it a whole host of details about the as of yet unannounced phone. It is believed to be the successor to the Xperia S17i or the Xperia Active.

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Motorola announces the MOTOACTV

Alongside the Motorola Droid RAZR , the company also showed off  a new Android based MP3 player cum Fitness tracker. The MOTOACTV is powered by a  600MHz processor and is capable of tracking your fitness regime including but not limited to calories burnt.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Ray, Active Announced

Sony Ericsson today announced the XPERIA Ray and XPERIA Active at an event during CommunicAsia 2011 at Singapore. Looks like SE is committed to Android. Sad to see that the rumoured Duo din get announced nor WP7 phones. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson XPERIA Ray, Active Announced”