Nokia E90 Keyboard gets a makeover


All the Enterprise Phone freaks out there are well aware of the big daddy of enterprise phone, the Nokia E90 Communicator. Nokia E90 is the best smart phone Nokia has ever come up with, leave apart the only drawbacks of being bulky and yeah, expensive. Nokia E90 users had a minor but major problem of the keyboard touching the inside of the LCD panel, which can be pretty damaging to the phone. Continue reading “Nokia E90 Keyboard gets a makeover”

Now Geotag your photos for free using Nokia Location Tagger

If you have used Flickr a lot , you might have noticed that there’s a feature to place the photo taken on a Map.

Geotagging in simple words is relating the photo with the place at which it was taken.

location tagger

The rise of the inbuilt GPS or Global Positioning System in the latest Nokia phones has forced Nokia BetaLabs to launch a free application for its GPS phones called Location Tagger – a tiny app which captures the current co-ordinates of your phone and appends it to the EXIF information of your photo. Continue reading “Now Geotag your photos for free using Nokia Location Tagger”

World’s most Expensive Mobile Handset


Every mobile phone enthusiast has heard of the phone LeMillion. Even Vertu is like, cheap stuff in front of this phone. This phone is ultimate in the category of luxurious mobile phones. And when everybody around the world was speculating, which is the costliest mobile handset in the world, Guinness Book of World Records have come out with its verdict, which nobody can challenge (given Guinness’ reputation and genuine parameters). Continue reading “World’s most Expensive Mobile Handset”

Nokia new phones emerge

Nokia new phones have surfaced in the Nokia service software document v2007.44.3.30990 Phoenix, 19.12.2007. I found this on the site, it was in German so translated it for you. According to this site Nokia will be coming up with Nokia 6300i a 6650 6690 7070 and 7070b. I think 6300i will be higher version of Nokia’s popular slim phone 6300; 6690 will be of 6680; 7070 might be Nokia’s new version of 7710, the touch screen phone of Nokia which failed miserably. The images are not available yet but, the article was written by the administrator of, which I think, is a clear indication that this is not some kind of rumor.

Motorola might exit mobile handset business

Motorola’s mobile handset business is making big losses .. Moto’s sales went down almost 40% last quarter.

A Researcher from Nomura  ,Richard Windsor has pointed out that Moto might shut shop its loss making cellphone and mobile handset business to concentrate on other products. Researchers are late .. we hinted at this after Nokia bought Trolltech yesterday We said Continue reading “Motorola might exit mobile handset business”

Nokia Germany workers to get jobs in Nokia Romania factory

Nokia announced the closure of its German manufacturing facility at Bochum at the starting of the year 2008 and was very positive with respect to its manufacturing plans in Romania. The German council was not so happy about Nokia’s exit from Germany and the reasons the company had cited. The talks between the German Trade Union IG Metall and Nokia also failed. Now AFX News has reported that Nokia has eased up a little bit and is ready to accommodate its German facility workers in the new Romanian manufacturing facility. This has also been confirmed by sources within Nokia. Trade Union IG Metall is not aware of any such agreements but it seems that Nokia representatives will be again having a meeting with the Union guys and German politicians to sort out the details of this shifting. Nokia should understand that it is not easy to get away with comments like “less competitive” for a region like Germany.

Wireless Recharging

mwg_wireless_charging.jpg Wireless Recharging might soon become a reality
Singapore based MWG has announced that they are planning to launch handsets, which can be charged without any wires. This is really cool technology. The company has teamed up with Splashpower. Inductive charging will charge the cell phones. Not much information on this is available. But once commercialized wireless charging of phones will be hit with mobile users. Now you can sit at home with mobile phone, Continue reading “Wireless Recharging”

Coming soon , Nokia OSeries phones bbye NSeries

After Nokia’s recent acquisition of Trolltech and seeing from the loads of in house Open source initiatives seems like Nokia wants to get out a Open Source handset Series . We call it OSeries

nokia-n95-linux.jpgIt might sound funny but when we learnt abcd its its O after N…

Jokes apart .. Nokia  might be working on a Linux / OS handset lineup  .. Symbian has still a low adoption rate and its got a huge learning curve. Theres a huge Java developer community out there. Android handsets are expected to hit the market by mid 2008. So the Finnish handset maker might want to get some part of the Open Source / Linux handset market for sure..

For now this whole  OSeries things seems like a rumor but its closer to becoming a reality after their recent buy.

Continue reading “Coming soon , Nokia OSeries phones bbye NSeries”

Nokia buys open source greenphone maker Trolltech

The news is out Nokia buys yet another company. This time Nokia is buying a Norwegian Linux mobile developer firm Trolltech

Trolltech are the makers of the Greephone

The Finnish giant seems to be embracing the Qt or Qtopia mobile platform as Russ points out. Its seen as a move by the worlds largest handset maker to expand its software and internet based services.

Dr Kai Öistämö, the head of Nokia’s devices unit,said the acquisition would aid Nokia in its strategies of being “a leader of the converged world in internet mobility” and “growing consumer services and businesses solutions”.

So is this the rise of the mobile web 2.0 or is it just Nokia 2.0?


Continue reading “Nokia buys open source greenphone maker Trolltech”

Mobile Phone Burial Service

Burial_Mobile_Service.jpgHave you ever heard of a Mobile Phone Burial Service Mobile phones, like normal human beings, grow old and sometimes die, adding to the pollution caused by printed circuit boards and plastic parts. So if you think that you care for the environment and want that your phone should be buried in some special area, which is recognized all over the world then, there is some good news for you. Continue reading “Mobile Phone Burial Service”

Nokia N82 gets first firmware update, respects User Data

Nokia N82 the 5 Mega Pixel SuperStar from Nokia seems to have gotten its first software update. The latest firmware update available is 11.0.117 up from the previous 10.0.046

The Coolest thing about this update is that Nokia seems to be hearing the woes of its users.

Its come up with a new feature called User Data Preservation (UDP) which is the first of its kind in NSeries line.

Nokia N82 first firmware update Continue reading “Nokia N82 gets first firmware update, respects User Data”

Samsung L320

Samsung L320 A clamshell handset launched alongwith its near-namesake the L310, this handset has almost the same features and specs.


Specs at a glance:

• GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
• 93.4 x 44 x 17.9 mm
• Display – 176 x 220 pixels, 1.9 inches


• TFT, 65K colours
• Polyphonic, MP3
• 20 MB internal memory
• MicroSD expandable memory card slot Continue reading “Samsung L320”

New L310 and L320 from Samsung

It’s raining handsets this year. While we saw handsets being launched in India by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and Asus, it is now the turn of Samsung.

Samsung launched two new handsets that it says, targets the female of the species; a go getter who likes to be seen with a cool gadget. The L310 and L320 are clamshell phones for the fashion conscious.

Samsung L310

Specs at a glance:

• GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
• 93.4 x 44 x 17.9 mm
• Display – 176 x 220 pixels, 1.8 inches



• TFT, 65K colours
• Polyphonic, MP3
• 20 MB internal memory
• MicroSD expandable memory card slot Continue reading “New L310 and L320 from Samsung”

Nokia foraying big-time into Location Based Services


Nokia started giving Maps applications with its N95 and the many phone which Nokia launched after Nokia N95 had GPS functionality enabled. Nokia was and is focusing more on Maps but now has rolled out tracking software, personal training applications like the Nokia Sports Tracker. Continue reading “Nokia foraying big-time into Location Based Services”