Spice S-580 Diwali gift idea Economy music handset

Spice launched the S-580 yesterday. This handset is a great Diwali gift idea from a husband to a wife, boyfriend to girl friend, or dad to daughter.

The highlight of the handset is a feature called Dazzle Ring-tone that allows users to listen to a fresh ring tone every time they get a call. The phone shuffles and picks a new ring tone from the list of 10 user-selected ring tones on every new call.

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Motorola ZN4 Official

The Verizon-exclusive Motorola ZN4 that was leaked a few days ago has just been made official. It’s a CDMA handset (ie no SIM card) and features the full touchscreen glass-flip design we told you about earlier. It’ll retail around the 150$. Even though this handset won’t make it outside of Verizon, it’s a sign that Motorola are working on touchscreen handsets, and the ZN4 might be the first result of these efforts. We’ll keep an eye on the ZN4 to see how the OS actually performs, in order to predict whether their following touchscreen handsets will be worthwhile or not.

Specifications after the break:

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HTC T-Mobile G1 begins shipping

The “Google phone” – HTC T-Mobile G1 is being shipped as you read this.

The device is, of course, the first official device running on the Android platform. There were reports of about one million of the handsets on pre order. Their wait is finally over it seems.

The handset is currently locked in to T-Mobile. There is no word on the India launch or announcement of the carrier. Read Fonearena’s coverage of the same here.

Sony Ericsson handsets to contain new Location aware search App “Near Me”

3G Mobile Blog reports that Sony Ericsson has announced the new 8.1 megapixel Cyber-shot 905 phone will come preloaded with Mobile Commerce’s innovative ‘NearMe’ application – so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for right around you. It will also be available for download onto the GPS enabled C702 Cyber-shot and W760 Walkman handsets.

‘NearMe’ is a local search service that provides users with detailed information on local businesses, amenities, venues and events, all based on current location using the GPS capabilities of the user’s handset. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson handsets to contain new Location aware search App “Near Me””

Exclusive Nokia N78 Sports Tracker video review

There is a lot you can do with your Nokia N78. The Sports Tracker is just one of them.

With the Sports Tracker you can map your activity (such as cycling, walking, driving, running etc) through the GPS and position it on Nokia Map. While the activity is ‘on’ you can take pictures that will get tagged on to your route.

This amazing feature will allow you to track your movement in any part of the world on a map (all the while noting details such as speed, altitude, latitude, longitude etc) that you can share with your friends and even other travel enthusiasts such as yourself.

The Sports Tracker therefore is your very own, personal travel map with a photo album thrown in! It is just AMAZING!!!!

Watch the videos to understand the expanse of this feature that Nokia offers ‘simply’ without too much publicity and grandeur.

Part I


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Samsung Omnia FoneArena Exclusive phone footage


On 16th October, 2008, Fonearena was represented by Ritu at the ITC Grand Central, Mumbai where a demo of the Windows Mobile 6.1 on the Samsung Omnia was given to three mobile phone enthusiasts (Ankit Saxena and Rupesh from the WATblog were co-invitees).

Microsoft was represented by Sumeet Gugnani, Director – Mobile Communications Business, who also enlightened the bloggers on the rise of MS in the world of mobile phones.

“We have a 33% share in the market of hi-end convergence devices (devices that are not only business phones, but also pack in multimedia features, a good camera and a simple UI)” revealed Sumeet. Continue reading “Samsung Omnia FoneArena Exclusive phone footage”

BlackBerry Storm 9500 Touch Screen with Springs

RIM, the maker of the BlackBerry, is taking on Apple. with a touch-screen phone that puts a new twist on the technology. With the new model being announced Wednesday, the Blackberry Storm 9500, RIM is for the first time giving up the physical keypad in favor of a large screen, just like the one on Apple’s iPhone. But RIM has listened to users who find the iPhone’s glass screen awkward to type on because its virtual buttons provide no tactile feedback.

Storm features a revolutionary touch-screen technology that dramatically enhances the touch interface and enables easy and precise typing. The world’s first “clickable” touch-screen responds much like a physical keyboard and also supports single-touch, multi-touch and gestures for intuitive and efficient application navigation. The Storm’s whole screen is backed by springs, and when pressed, it gives under the finger. Continue reading “BlackBerry Storm 9500 Touch Screen with Springs”

Sony Ericsson Patent shows Camera Zooming using Motion Gestures

Sony Ericsson has filed a patent that allows zooming to be done just by the moving the camera back and forth. According to the patent, a reference object is needed to pre-determine the zoom factor that you want the lens to go. The patent talks about obtaining the output of an accelerometer and utilizing it in the camera zoom function. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Patent shows Camera Zooming using Motion Gestures”

LG Prada II handset announced

Sliders with full QWERTY keypads seem to be the flavour of the season. After Sony Ericsson’s Xperia and Nokia’s E72 and E75, it is LG’s turn to launch such a handset.

A slider phone with a full QWERTY keypad, LG’s Prada II is a slick looking handset and is the successor to the Prada The silver keyboard along with the additional on-screen call and hang-up buttons gives fresh tactility to the original minimal concept.

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8MP Nokia CameraPhone Already Exists

Ever since the Samsung Innov8 was announced, everyone has been shouting at Nokia to release an Nseries equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, but as it turns out, they sort of already have manufactured one. But don’t get your credit card ready, because it’s not exactly what you expect it to be: it’s wooden.

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HTC T8290 WiMAX – handset of the future

HTC recently unveiled the photos of the HTC T8290 that will be supposedly WiMAX enabled. Although the handset looks like the HTC Touch HD, the WiMAX capability is a defining feature.

Specs known so far:

– 3.8-inch WVGA 800×480 LCD display

– WiMAX & WiFi (802.11g)

– Bluetooth 2.0 Continue reading “HTC T8290 WiMAX – handset of the future”

Sony Ericsson C905 8 MegaPixel Camera Phone

Sony Ericsson is going to introduce Sony Ericsson C905 Cybershot with an 8-mega pixel, cyber shot, auto focus and image stabilizing camera.

Sony Ericsson C905 details- 8 MegaPixel Camera Phone

The camera features of the C905 are truly top-of-the-range and include Face detection, Autofocus, 16 x Zoom, Xenon Flash, Anti-Shake, Image stabilizer and Bestpic to produce the highest quality images with the minimum of fuss. The actual camera works on 3264×2448 pixels, and the video shoots at 30 fps.

The phone has a built in GPS satellite receiver along with support for Assisted GPS that allows for faster GPS triangulation. It will come pre-loaded with Wayfinder Navigator software which provides turn-by-turn navigation system and directions.

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Motorola’s New Touchscreen Handset Krave ZN4 Leaks

We had forgotten about them, we had written them off the list of handset manufacturers, and they come back with a cool new touchscreen device. Motorola’s new Krave ZN4, which is supposed to be released on October the 14th with a Verizon contract in the United States, has just been leaked. from a Verizon user who has had the ZN4 in his hands.

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