Google reveals YouTube Capture app for the iPhone, iPod Touch

Google just launched a dedicated YouTube camera application for iOS users. Called YouTube Capture, the app lets you record and instantly share a video clip to YouTube right from within its interface. The video can also be shared on a range of mobile networks straight from the app itself.

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Google Updates YouTube for iOS App

Today, Google has updated the YouTube app for iOS. This update adds native support for the iPad and the iPhone. In addition, the app now supports AirPlay, offers more advanced playlist management, improved voice over support, and more.

Google’s Horia Ciurdar says that more than 25 percent of all YouTube watching happens on mobile. Since the launch of the YouTube app back in September, Ciurdar says Google has “been hard at work to improve the app based on your feedback.”

Now the YouTube app will get ‘enhanced’ AirPlay support, letting you shoot your videos over to your Apple TV. Videos are also said to start faster and play more smoothly. Google has also improved VoiceOver support for those with visual impairments.

YouTube also says that users will find improved performance and faster video loading with this update.

The app for iOS is available for free from the App Store. [Direct Link]

YouTube for Android updated with New UI for Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices and more new features

YouTube for Android has been updated to version 4.1.23 that brings new UI for Android Froyo and Gingerbread devices. The home page now shows recommended video on top. You can now add video to YouTube TV queue from the app and pick more channels from the YouTube picks. The new UI and Preloading features were released for Android 4.0 devices in June. Continue reading “YouTube for Android updated with New UI for Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices and more new features”

Nokia 610 to come with NFC reveals video

Nokia just revealed via a Youtube clip that the upcoming Windows Phone based handset, the Lumia 610 will include support for NFC. The information was leaked via a Youtube  video which has now been set to private mode.

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WD brings TV remote to Android market for it’s set top box

It’s time for the people who own Western Digital’s set top box to rejoice as now you can control the set top box with your Android phone. WD has finally launched the remote application for the TV on the Android market which can be downloaded by the users and use it to control your TV.

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Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9

nokia n9 multitasking

Here is a quick look at Multitasking on the Nokia N9 powered by MeeGo. When you see a preview of all the apps currently running , it shows you the every app’s current state in realtime and not just a screenshot like in some other platforms. For instance the Compass app reacts to movements even when in the Multitasking view. Pretty impressive ! Watch it in action in the video below. Continue reading “Video : Multi-Tasking on the Nokia N9”

HTC WP7 phone leaked with 16MP camera, is it real?

At the MWC, HTC announced a number of new Android powered phones and all of them are quite interesting devices. And few days ago, HTC announced their first ever dual-core smartphone known as the HTC Sensation. It looks like HTC is now paying their attention towards WP7 because you people may have seen the first leaked shots of HTC Mazaa, and now another video is leaked on YouTube which is actually a HTC ad. What’s interesting about this ad is that HTC is showing off a new un-announced WP7 phone which features a 16 Megapixel camera with dual LED flash, you can see the image of the phone above. The phone looks like a Desire S running on WP7. Continue reading “HTC WP7 phone leaked with 16MP camera, is it real?”

10 Reasons The Nokia E5 Is The Best Affordable Social Smartphone

Nowadays, it is easy to get lost in a discussion about raw power, stellar hardware specs, and the high-end smartphone market. But what many websites and analytics forget is that the vast majority of people, worldwide, want a decent mobile that can help them in their everyday life without punching a ginormous hole in their savings account. The Nokia E5 is one of the latest smartphones that falls into the affordable category, while still managing to cram enough features to appeal to the most social nutcase amongst us. Here are 10 reasons the E5 is a perfect social smartphone.

Admit it or not, the social butterfly lifestyle comes with a pre-requisite: texting, emailing, connecting, tweeting, IM’ing, posting, commenting,… and a lot of typing is required on almost every level. A decent qwerty like the one found on the E5 is a godsend for such cases, with nice tactile feedback, large keys, and even predictive text on the software side of things.

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Youtube running on Windows Phone 7

If you are a Youtube fan, then that’s good, but if you are also a Windows Mobile user or fan, then that’s a miracle because the post I am going to write is for you then. As we know that the Windows Phone 7 is about to come out, so lot of information related to it is coming out. In the video below, you will see Youtube running on Windows Phone 7, which is so far amazing.  So folks watch it and share your thoughts: Continue reading “Youtube running on Windows Phone 7”

Download Youtube Official App now for you Symbian S60 Phone

You can now download the Youtube app for your Symbian S60 phones

Clinton from ZomgItsCJ tried the app on his E75 and I tested it on my E71 which is S60 3rd Edition FP3

We put together a video demo of the right from the app installation to playing a couple of videos including Jai Ho from SlumDog Millionaire ( The Pussycat dolls version ) in which the Nokia 5800 was spotted

The App comes as a cool native sisx download

The UI is very simple and the menu options are straight forward ..

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Youtube expands mobile version and launches Java App

Google’s Youtube has expanded its mobile version by offering its large video collection at

youtube mobile

Until recently only a limited subset of the entire database was available on the mobile version.

FREE Youtube JAVA Application 

They have also announced a J2ME Java Application which lets users play videos without downloading them directly. But the sad news is that application is available only for Nokia’s N73, N95, E65, 6110, 6120 and SonyEricsson k800 and w880. But it should work pretty fine on any J2ME MIDP2.0 Phone . Continue reading “Youtube expands mobile version and launches Java App”

YouTube Optimized N95 8Gb


Recently after narrating my thoughts about someone coming out with a YouTube and Ebay optimized mobile handset, I came across the post, which talked about LG Viewty being launched in India. The one thing I like about it was, Viewty allows you to record videos optimized for YouTube. Continue reading “YouTube Optimized N95 8Gb”

eBay and YouTube Optimized Phone???

Recently while reading my monthly subscription of the T3 magazine of UK, I came across two small digital cameras. One was from Fujifilm and the other was from the Casio Exilim Series. These cameras has features which all mid range digital cameras have, but the most distinguishing features were that, Continue reading “eBay and YouTube Optimized Phone???”

Now upload videos from mobile phone to YouTube


Popular video sharing site YouTube today launched some mobile features. Videos taken on mobile phones can now be directly uploaded to YouTube. To get started you need to register for a regular account and then set up a mobile profile. You’ll be given a special email address ( to send your videos to.

Since the uploads are handled via MMS, meta data is at a minimum. Part of setting up the mobile profile is to set a default title and description for a video. Once back at a computer you can better describe the content and update the video listing.

YouTube does not charge anything for the service, but standard MMS fees apply (check with carrier).

via [ mobiletracker]