Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 Price and Video

sony ericsson x8

Sony Ericsson is betting big on its latest XPERIA range of phones. The company has shared details about the success of the X10 and X10 Mini. SE’s Hirokazu Ishizuka shared with FoneArena in a interview that Sony Ericssion aims to expand it’s business with the X8.  So the price of the X8 would be below 200 euros or  just Rs.11500 approx. The X10 mini is retailing for around Rs.15,000 in the market now in India. So this puts the X8 below the X10 mini in terms of the price point

We had the chance to talk to the product manager behind the X8 who showed  a quick demo of the X8 including the four corner UI , Landscape keyboard, one finger zoom and youtube. Watch the video below !

Are you excited about the X8 ?  XPERIA has been projected as an expensive brand by Sony Ericsson and the X8 might just change that altogether

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Author: Team FoneArena

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  • Manu

    If Xperia X8 really manage to be cheaper then X10 mini, than it can stir up the local market. Only yesterday, I confirmed price of X10 from Sony showroom & it’s 31k & if I remember correctly X10 Mini is 15k +.

    It much better option for people who wanna try Android. Plus you get that oomph factor going your way with XPERIA line-up unlike Samsung offerings in similar price band.

    • Very true.

      Also Sony Ericsson has better track record for firmware updates compared to Samsung

      • apaul

        Exactly and apart from the old OS (Android 1.6), the demo shows it to be extremely fast. Hope they provide the Froyo update to this..if so then is definitely going to be a hit

        • it was super fast .. acutally even x10 mini is fast .. only the big x10 is laggy.. It will ship with 1.6 in some markets and with 2.1 in few .. not sure about 2.2

          • apaul

            well considering the amount of pixels the larger one has to deliver and the resource hungry Timescape UI in the X10…but this one is extremely fast..

            And Android 2.1 is good but i guess the bonus with 2.2 would be Flash and the application storage memory..well lets see how SE provides valid updates

  • Se has said all Xperia will get 2.1 update i dought it will ever get 2.2

  • karthik

    There are tons of pictures and atleast 5 articles on X8 but not one article mentions how many mega pixels camera does the x8 have

  • karthik

    Is this the cheapest android phone in the indian market??

  • Mayank

    Good one by SE.If they are keeping it at 12k in India, it will definitely faint Nokia C6 and Samsung Wave for sure!!!

    • phoney

      you Idiot. This phone is from Samsung and not Sony Ericsson.

      • Don

        This is from SE

      • saale…….xperia is from sony ericson ….not from samsung…….. understand?

  • kishore

    please tell me about in xperia we can use mobile dailer or not if yes how can install

  • mohit

    awesome phone with a great price, value for money!

  • If its going to be priced around 11,500 then its a killer price …but when will it be available in India ?

  • Arjun

    Does anyone knw when will x8 launch in india. . . I knw its Q3 bt whn in Q3 . ? Im waiting for it eagrly. Nd if its price is as promisd undr 200 euros. . . Awsome deal. . !

  • Ajit Jade

    Is it a 3G mobile?

  • sandy

    can anyone tell me wenz is the x8 launch date????.. and if its price is arnd 12k in india den i cant wait anymore 🙁

    • subho

      yeah dude seriously!!
      it looks like an attractive piece
      someone tell me d launch date

  • jitu

    i want mobile

  • miths

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i can w8 for this cel yar any 1 cal tel me when it wil be come in market my email ID is

  • hitz

    hey,can any1 tell me wat abt java in this cell.
    If java not supports then which type of application we can use in it…

  • emran raj

    can any1 know about voip call by x8
    Please reply

  • Bobby

    Truly a very good device to hang out with…

    Lags in 2 parts..
    1.) Battery is not upto the mark
    2.) Android Update is not available after 2.1

    Very stylish and excellent response with the touch…

  • its Beautiful mobile

  • goku

    w’d lyk 2 buy Xperia mini….

  • ut

    i m going to buy it now 

  • Kag23hors

    nice phone but .battery bad