HTC cooking update to unlock Sensation’s bootloader

HTC recently told people that they are reviewing their locked bootloader policy, and we told you that there will be a good news soon. Then HTC CEO Peter Chou officially announced it on HTC’s Facebook page that future HTC Android devices will feature unlocked bootloader. This was actually the issue some people were not picking up the Sensation because it ships with a locked bootloader. Continue reading “HTC cooking update to unlock Sensation’s bootloader”

Hack your WinMo phone to run Android

If you are an owner of a phone that runs on WinMobile OS, but you are planning to leave WinMo and join Android bandwagon. Then before leaving WinMo, you can give Android OS a try right on your WinMo powered phone, you just have to hack your WinMo powered phone to run Android. But before doing this, let me tell you that it’s a bit risky because you have lot of chances to brick  your phone, so tread carefully. And if you just bought a new WinMo phone, then don’t do it, but if you plenty of them then it’s okay. Hacking process is not that easy, so head over to and follow the hacking steps.

Video : The iPad runs Flash !

The Apple iPad and other i products such as the iPod touch and iPhone don’t support Flash content simply because Apple thinks Flash obsolete and that HTML5 is the future . But someone has managed to port the Android version of Flash to Jailbroken iPads and here is a video demo which shows Flash movies playing on the iPad.  The project is called Frash and a developer version of the app is out . Continue reading “Video : The iPad runs Flash !”

Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 on the Nokia N82

Rita has manged to hack her phone to run windows 3.1 and 95 on the Nokia N82 ..

See it for yourself in the vid below ..

Till now we thought that Nokia N82 could run only symbian ??  She proved us wrong !

She managed to get her hands on a Symbian port of DosBox which is an x86 Emulator

Well we are not responsible if your phone screen goes kaput after you trying hacking your phone.