Sony updates firmware for Sony QX10 and QX100 lenses

Sony has rolled out a big software update for its interchangeable lenses – Sony QX10 and Sony QX100. Both the lenses were announced alongside the company’s current flagship – Sony Xperia Z1, at the IFA in Berlin. The latest software update has the version number 2.0 and brings along with it a couple of changes for the lenses.

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Sony QX Cameras to get firmware update in January

At IFA 2013 in Berlin, which was held during September, Sony launched their latest flagship Android smartphone – Sony Xperia Z1 and a couple of WiFi enabled QX series lens. Sony’s QX 10 and QX 100 received a lot of acclaim from the industry and are now all set to receive a firmware update. According to Engadget, the update will be coming to the two lenses sometime in January and the update is expected to improve the camera performance.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC QX100 Review


A few weeks back we’d talked about Sony’s spanking new smart lens accessory that complements your phone and gives it a camera that is a notch or two above what is possible with the inbuilt module. While the QX10 was pretty amazing in itself, the QX100 takes the concept to yet another level. With specs that at least on paper rival high end prosumer cameras, the QX100 certainly seems impressive but is it really ? We find out in our review. Continue reading “Sony Cyber-shot DSC QX100 Review”

Oppo N1 launches today – what to expect


Ever since we heard of the confirmation that Oppo is launching a new camera-centric flagship device called the Oppo N1, we have been genuinely excited to see what kind of camera innovation the company is going to bring forward. After the confirmation of the product, the company had released an array of teasers, which have revealed quite a lot about the device that is going to launch today. Incidentally, today, or perhaps five years back, was the same day the first ever Android phone(HTC Dream G1) released, and Oppo’s event today is a gentle nod, how cool is that!

Anyway, after looking at all the teasers, we couldn’t help but raise our expectations, especially since the company is already known to produce great handsets like the Find 5. So, we’ve compiled a list of things you need to know about the N1 and what to expect from the launch, read on.

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Sony’s Camera Remote APIs lets you write viewfinder apps for its cameras


Sony just unveiled its new range of Camera lenses that use your Smartphone as a viewfinder. Pretty cool concept, but what if one wants to adopt similar functionality for Sony’s other cameras and make specialized apps for the same? Well, Sony’s got you covered as they have just announced their all new Camera Remote APIs that will let you write Viewfinder apps for their cameras, not just their Camera lenses. And since the APIs are platform agnostic, you can literally write camera viewfinder apps for literally any platform.

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Sony DSC QX10 and DSC QX100 Camera Lenses officially launched for $250 and $500 respectively


Hot on the heels of the new camera-centric Sony Xperia Z1, the company just announced their new range of camera lenses at the Pre-IFA press conference. The Sony DSC QX10 and DSC QX100 are one of a kind camera lenses that act as your Smartphone’s own camera, with the former acting as the camera’s viewfinder. It is a pretty intriguing concept only slightly hindered by the pricing, coming in at $250 for the QX10 and $500 for the QX100. The QX100 is a high end camera lens with specifications of the RX100MII Point and Shoot camera, while the QX10 is a cheaper long zoom camera lens, both with a wireless viewfinder as the display. Still trying to wrap around the concept? This video might help –


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