Kodak takes on Sony’s QX with PixPro Smart Lenses SL10 and SL25

JK IMAGING LTD. KODAK PIXPROKodak, the forgotten camera maker known for its film-based point and shoot cameras, has just unveiled its latest entrant into a surprisingly new segment. Remember the Sony QX range of Smart lenses? Kodak wants to take on that newly created market with its PixPro Smart lenses. The idea is exactly the same, we have a lens unit, complete with a sensor, storage unit and dedicated shooting capabilities but lacks a viewfinder, that will in turn be present on your Android or iOS smartphone. Kodak plans to offer a range of lenses with this idea that eventually will offer long zoom capabilities(10x zoom – SL10 and 25x zoom – SL25) on your smartphone, just like Sony’s QX series.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC QX100 Review


A few weeks back we’d talked about Sony’s spanking new smart lens accessory that complements your phone and gives it a camera that is a notch or two above what is possible with the inbuilt module. While the QX10 was pretty amazing in itself, the QX100 takes the concept to yet another level. With specs that at least on paper rival high end prosumer cameras, the QX100 certainly seems impressive but is it really ? We find out in our review. Continue reading “Sony Cyber-shot DSC QX100 Review”