Oppo N1 launches today – what to expect


Ever since we heard of the confirmation that Oppo is launching a new camera-centric flagship device called the Oppo N1, we have been genuinely excited to see what kind of camera innovation the company is going to bring forward. After the confirmation of the product, the company had released an array of teasers, which have revealed quite a lot about the device that is going to launch today. Incidentally, today, or perhaps five years back, was the same day the first ever Android phone(HTC Dream G1) released, and Oppo’s event today is a gentle nod, how cool is that!

Anyway, after looking at all the teasers, we couldn’t help but raise our expectations, especially since the company is already known to produce great handsets like the Find 5. So, we’ve compiled a list of things you need to know about the N1 and what to expect from the launch, read on.

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Oppo reveals N1 smartphone’s rear touch features, new images leak

Oppo N1 leak

Oppo already revealed that they were working on the flagship camera-centric devices dubbed the N-lens, later the name was confirmed as the N1 and leaked renders surfaced recently. Oppo started teasing the N1 last week with some details hinting at the rear touch panel and also revealed that the flagship phone would launch in September. Now Oppo has officially revealed on their Webio page that that the phone would indeed have touch features.  Continue reading “Oppo reveals N1 smartphone’s rear touch features, new images leak”