Nokia Lumia 625 Unboxing


It might be really hard to believe, but the Nokia Lumia 625, that launched recently, is the company’s largest phone till date, with respect to screen size. The UK Retail box of the 4.7 inch device just landed in our labs and naturally, we were bothered enough to unbox it and take a overview of the device on video, watch –


The box contents, as you saw in the video are –


Pretty normal contents as far as retail boxes are concerned, and that is actually one of our issues with it. The micro USB cable is too short for desktop usage and the bundled ear phones are cheap and not even in-ear. Considering the fact that you are paying around 20K INR for this phone, one would expect at least higher quality earphones, let alone a lengthy data connectivity cable.


Coming to the actual device itself, the Lumia 625 is positively bulky thanks to the 159g weight, but is slightly more manageable than the Lumia 920 due to the relatively slim 9.1mm profile. The display, which is a 4.7 inch WVGA LCD screen, is very similar to the one on the Lumia 520, and that’s not a compliment.


The back houses a similar 5 megapixel unit that you saw on the Lumia 620, but it can now record 1080p videos thanks to the newer processor on the 625, the MSM8930 1.2 GHz dual core chipset. Coming with pre-installed apps for reading and movies, the Lumia 625 is clearly aimed at big screen consumption, with the company’s aims squarely targeted at the phablet revolution that is pushing the whole market forward. Running on the Amber update, the Lumia 625 does bring in some much needed additions like the FM Radio and firmware specific apps like Smart Camera, but still loses out on Glance screen and Double Tap to wake, which are popular additions to the update.

We will be bringing you the full review of this device real soon, but if you want to get a decent overview of the device’s hardware as well as software, do watch the complete video embedded above while we bring you more coverage of this phone in the coming days. More pics –

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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