MagSafe charging cable and Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch announced

Apple officially revealed the Apple Watch price yesterday that starts at $349. According to Apple, the watch can last upto 18 hours and hence some of the charging accessories have been announced. magsafe charger Continue reading “MagSafe charging cable and Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch announced”

Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger Review

Given the larger screen sizes and increasing processing power in smartphones, they’re fast replacing dedicated GPS units and even in-car entertainment systems. While phones have become more powerful, battery technology hasn’t really caught up. The Nokia CR200 tries to solve multiple probles in one go by  acting as a sturdy car charger, providing built in wireless charging capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at the car holder. Continue reading “Nokia CR-200 Wireless Car Charger Review”

DigiPower ChargeCard – an emergency mobile charger that fits in your wallet

Meet the ChargeCard from DigiPower – a portable mobile charger which is actually the size of a credit card. This emergency mobile charger might fit in your wallet easily. This is one of the cutest mobile power packs we have come across and best part is the you don’t have to carry a cable along as it has a microUSB cable built-in.There is also a tiny indicator LED on the side.

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The Regun Luxury Table Tidy Organizes Your Desk Clutter

When I first spotted the Regun Luxury Table Tidy on the website, I was immediately in love, yet in shock as to why there aren’t hundreds of solutions like this. I mean, yes, sure, the majority of gadget users probably only have one mobile device, unlike gadgeteers like me who have at least 4 or 5, but what about households or small offices or shops where the two or three employee phones keep getting misplaced and their chargers dangle and tangle from the walls? Why has no one thought of solutions as simple as the Regun Luxury?

But I digress. MobileFun were kind enough to send me a unit for review and I finally have my own problem solved. So read on to see if it can also solve yours.

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Review : HyperMac Micro Portable Battery Charger for Apple iPhone and iPad

The folks atHyperMac sent us the HyperMac Micro for review. The device serves as a portable charger for the iPhone and iPad. This is one of the most attractive devices we have seen and it does not look like a battery at all unless you get really close. On the inside it packs a 3600mAh battery which promises to recharge your iPhone 4 upto 3 times. It also works with the iPad but only extends the life by about 5 hours. That’s fine because the iPad packs a monstrous battery which won’t event charge via normal USB port. We are more interested about how this device works with the iPhone and it worked pretty well.

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Need Power? Powermonkey to the Rescue!

I’m pretty sure you’ve been there before: On the road with Friends, having an awesome day, nothing can stop you .. oh wait, your beloved Phone’s battery is dying. perfect, day ruined. I don’t know about you, but i hate not being able to reach anyone or getting reached. And with the heavy usage of my phones, i usually run out of power every evening. So what to do, driving home just to power your phone?  No way, says the almighty Powermonkey!!  The awesome Guys from the UK-based Company Powertraveller have kindly provided me with a Testing Unit of their eXplorer charging Kit and i’m gonna tell you how good it is right now! Continue reading “Need Power? Powermonkey to the Rescue!”

Review : Desktop Battery Charger For Nokia phones

mobile fun desktop battery charger

The folks from MobileFun UK sent us a  Desktop Battery Charger for Nokia Phones. If you are the kind of person who likes to carry a spare battery along with your phone, this device makes charging the battery a lot easier. Continue reading “Review : Desktop Battery Charger For Nokia phones”

Nokia Charger Replacement is just for Nokia 7210 in India

Nokia had initiated a global charger replacement program for 3 of it’s faulty chargers but looks like the problem affects a small group of Nokia users in India.Only Nokia 7210 which comes with the AC-3E charger and purchased after June 15th 2009 and before August 9th 2009 may be affected.This does not impact the usage or safety of the Nokia phone in any manner. Only the chargers which have been manufactured by a third-party manufacturer have been recommended to be replaced for free as a quality issue has been found


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Universal microUSB phone charger passes through ITU

Soon all mobile users can breathe easy and carry a single damn charger for all mobile phones. Many major brands have agreed to adapt to the microUSB charger standard.And the great news is that this Universal microUSB phone charger design just passed through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


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