Sony announces wireless portable speakers and headphones

Sony has announced a range of audio focused products at the CES 2016. The company has introduced an audio system GTK-XB7, SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 wireless portable speakers and MDR-XB650BT wireless over the ear headphones.

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Nokia DC-18 Universal Portable Charger Unboxing

Nokia accessories are as colorful as their Lumia and Asha lineup and today we will be unboxing the Nokia DC-18 Universal Portable Charger. Nokia DC-18 is a rectangular box shaped portable charger that is small, cheap and packs 1720mAh of juice.

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Nokia DC-16 Portable Battery Review

As smartphones increase in capabilities and screen sizes, the battery technology is struggling to keep up. Non replaceable batteries in phones have made it even harder to be able to just switch out when the phone dies.

This has led to a range of portable battery accessories by manufacturers like Proporta, Nokia amongst others. Nokia added a new member to its battery line up some time back in the form of the DC-16 charging stick and we decided to give it a spin. Here’s our review.

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Review : HyperMac Micro Portable Battery Charger for Apple iPhone and iPad

The folks atHyperMac sent us the HyperMac Micro for review. The device serves as a portable charger for the iPhone and iPad. This is one of the most attractive devices we have seen and it does not look like a battery at all unless you get really close. On the inside it packs a 3600mAh battery which promises to recharge your iPhone 4 upto 3 times. It also works with the iPad but only extends the life by about 5 hours. That’s fine because the iPad packs a monstrous battery which won’t event charge via normal USB port. We are more interested about how this device works with the iPhone and it worked pretty well.

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