Review : HyperMac Micro Portable Battery Charger for Apple iPhone and iPad

The folks atHyperMac sent us the HyperMac Micro for review. The device serves as a portable charger for the iPhone and iPad. This is one of the most attractive devices we have seen and it does not look like a battery at all unless you get really close. On the inside it packs a 3600mAh battery which promises to recharge your iPhone 4 upto 3 times. It also works with the iPad but only extends the life by about 5 hours. That’s fine because the iPad packs a monstrous battery which won’t event charge via normal USB port. We are more interested about how this device works with the iPhone and it worked pretty well.

Most phones comes with 1000-1500 mAh batteries inside these days. The capacity of the iPhone battery is not known but should be something in the same range. My Nokia E72 uses a 1500 mAh battery and this device can charge it for 2 times and still have some charge left for a quick charge in case i’m stranded on a island 🙂

Using this is pretty straight forward ,  you get a iPhone USB cable to connect the device to the iPhone and you can charge it with another USB-cable.

During practical usage I found it to last around for 2 complete charges for the iPhone 4 which is pretty good. I have to say that the there was a gap of 2 days between the first charge and the second.

You can also charge your phone and the battery simultaneously.

Would surely recommend this if you are looking for an external portable charger for your iPhone .


  • Attractive
  • Small Form factor and light
  • Amazing battery backup
  • Works with iPhone , iPod , iPad
  • Works with non-Apple devices provided you have a USB charging cable


  • No battery level indicator
  • No power-off / conserve power button

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Author: Varun Krish

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