DigiPower ChargeCard – an emergency mobile charger that fits in your wallet

Meet the ChargeCard from DigiPower – a portable mobile charger which is actually the size of a credit card. This emergency mobile charger might fit in your wallet easily. This is one of the cutest mobile power packs we have come across and best part is the you don’t have to carry a cable along as it has a microUSB cable built-in.There is also a tiny indicator LED on the side.


Due to the small size , there is only a 680 mAh battery inside this device which might give a few extra minutes of talk time or browsing. The company promises about 2 hours of extra talk time.

There is a microUSB version and an iPhone version of the product.The iPhone version packs a 720mAh battery and offers the same 2 hours of talk time.


Author: Varun Krish

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