The Regun Luxury Table Tidy Organizes Your Desk Clutter

When I first spotted the Regun Luxury Table Tidy on the website, I was immediately in love, yet in shock as to why there aren’t hundreds of solutions like this. I mean, yes, sure, the majority of gadget users probably only have one mobile device, unlike gadgeteers like me who have at least 4 or 5, but what about households or small offices or shops where the two or three employee phones keep getting misplaced and their chargers dangle and tangle from the walls? Why has no one thought of solutions as simple as the Regun Luxury?

But I digress. MobileFun were kind enough to send me a unit for review and I finally have my own problem solved. So read on to see if it can also solve yours.

The Regun Luxury Cable Tidy is a 26cm x 26cm x 13cm desk organizer, with 3 main compartments on the top to house your gadgets, phones, music players, cameras…

Below them is another surface for keys, cables or other items, and a small drawer for tiny items like USB keys, memory cards, pens and such.

The whole table is made from high-quality material that has a leather-like look, clean finishing and nice orange sewing.

The best aspect of the Table Tidy are the cut outs that are available for the 3 top compartments and that let you hook your charger to your devices in an efficient but out-of-sight manner.

On the back of the Table Tidy and below the 3 gadget compartments is a hidden compartment where the rest of the cables and chargers can sit in an organized manner without cluttering your desk.

This compartment is closed with one remaining cut out allowing you to get the chargers and cables out so you can hook them to your computer or wall socket.

Basically the Table Tidy does what its name says: instead of having 3 chargers hooked to phones and gadgets, and cables and USB sticks and keys, all over your desk, you can tidy them all in a small unit that uses little space but still looks gorgeous on any desk or bedside table or office. The main advantage is that once you get used to its presence, you will automatically place your gadgets and keys in it, reducing the risk of losing some items by misplacing them if you don’t have a specific spot for them.

For me, this is a great solution that I’m currently using to manage my gadgets at home, but I know I will definitely move it to my pharmacy when I open it. It will be a welcome way to keep my own phone and iPod as well as those of my assistants for example in place, and charging, without cluttering the space around the one desk we have.

One major annoyance, in my opinion, is that you will have to use your own chargers with the Regun Luxury unit. I would have hoped that it comes with its own charging unit and one cable to hook to the wall socket, instead of the 3 you have to use now, and small tips to accomodate Apple, Nokia, Samsung, microUSB, miniUSB and other products for charging. But I guess that would make the unit a bit pricier than it is now.

The Regun Luxury Table Tidy is available from MobileFun for £19.99 (about 32$). At this price, with this nice build quality, you can’t really complain. It does what it says on the box, and it does it while looking elegant and simple. If you’re looking for other solutions, MobileFun have a great collection of Desk Stands and chargers, some of which solve the lack of an integrated charging system in the Regun Luxury but at a price, like the Messless Cordless Charge Station and the Bluelounge Refresh Charging Hub.